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10 Must-Have Korean Beauty Steps for a Flawless Complexion


The Koreans consider taking care of their skin in a very serious manner. Additionally, we think that by simply following along with their cleansing, and moisturizing routines, many women the world over could also benefit to improving their overall complexions, and have glowing skin.

With that said, we are going to list here for our readers 10 essential Korean beauty steps for a flawless complexion that when followed, could get you the same fabulous results, read on to learn more.

Essential Korean Beauty Secret #1: Pre-Cleanse Your face

What this means is to not only take off your makeup with your cleanser, but to do a double step afterwards. Once the eye makeup, blush, and foundation have been removed, then its time to take the cleansing oil over the entire face to help further remove the bacteria, sebum, and other impurities we collected on our skin for the day. After this two step process is completed, now you can wash your face with lukewarm water.

Essential Korean Beauty Secret #2: Re-Cleanse

For the Korean women, they live by the rule that in order to get the ultimate Korean beauty skin, they must do the cleansing, which is the key to making the radiant skin shine through. They do this by applying foaming cleansers, or mild cream to the skin. The golden rule here is, never rub the skin when apply the cleansing cream, but instead use only a circular motion with your fingertips.

Essential Korean Beauty Secret #3: Exfoliate The Skin

With this step you want to focus on removing the dead skin cells, using a good exfoliator. However, you don’t want to do this step every day, but instead focus on visible pores, and any blackheads on the face that you notice. When doing this process, don’t forget to include your lips as they need special care to help bring out their clear pink layer. This is an important part in the beauty routine as exfoliation keeps your skin looking younger.

Essential Korean Beauty Secret #4: Tighten Up The Skin Using A Toner

While you want to be certain to include a toner, be certain that you’re using one with no alcohol in it. Instead, aim for ones that have on their label that they are mild, and  clarifying. This will help to restore your PH balance for your skin, and also act as a base for more makeup, this Korean beauty secret has been used for many years by the Korean women.

Essential Korean Beauty Secret #5: Always Include the Essence Daily

Essence simply means using a nourishing liquid concentrate to help with the skin renewal process. The trick is to spray the liquid essences onto the face, and then tap your face to help it absorb more quickly into the pores. This approach will help to give your skin a more sculpted appearance, and  a clear complexion too.

Essential Korean Beauty Secret # 6: Add in An Ampoule To Your Face

The ampoule will be a rich vitamin essence, and using a single drop of this type of product can aid in many skin issues we all face. The purpose of the ampoule is to help address wrinkles, and lost collagen within our skin. The Korean beauty secret tip here is, that this essence can help with uneven skin tone, loss of the skins elasticity, and dull looking skin issues.

Essential Korean Beauty Secret # 7: Be Certain To Incorporate Facial Masks

With this Korean beauty tip you want to be using these masks at least 2 times per week. In addition, doing facial massages to improve your blood circulation to the entire face can also enhance the skins healthy glowing appearance to come back more quickly. The person can use targeted treatments specifically for the eye area like collagen eye patches, and lip hydrating masks. Also, the eye area is the most delicate area of your face . Hence, proper eye care is definitely a must for women regardless of the age in order to look refreshed and energized.

Essential Korean Beauty Secret # 8: Use Care To Tap The Eyes With Cream

This means do not pull it, or pinch it, the eye skin is very delicate. For that reason, when you’re applying the cream or lotion, tap it gently under the eyes to help with dark circles, wrinkles, and to prevent or reduce the puffiness in that area. Furthermore, by applying the cream in this manner it can help with the issue of more fine lines forming, helping the skin to stay fully moisturized, and to prevent it from further drying out.

Essential Korean Beauty Secret # 9: Don’t Ever Forget The Face Moisturizer

This is another well known Korean beauty secret tip, and that is to always use a light moisturizer, and apply it with your fingertips to massage it into the face properly. The key here is to apply one that is light weight, and that will blend into the skin really fast without the greasy after affect. In addition, when doing the entire face, remember that the neck is just as crucial to include too.

Essential Korean Beauty Secret # 10: Apply The Night Cream

Once you have gone through all 9 steps mentioned, you now are ready to apply the night cream before going to sleep. You want to be certain that the one you select allows your skin to breath, as your body goes into repair mode while you’re sleeping. With that said, think of your night cream as if it is actually like your second layer of moisturizer to help lock in the moisture in the skin throughout the night.


When it comes to having radiant skin like the Korean women, paying closer attention to their overall skin care practices is essential. Furthermore, we hope we have given our readers plenty of details on how they can now easily get the same results by following these steps here today. On that note, when it comes to getting the same type of Korean beauty skin, remember that they always focus more on skin care and less on makeup to bring about their glowing skin to the surface.


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