Wedding day is the most special day for any bride and definitely she would like to look at her best on this day.Donning a perfect wedding makeup will not only make her look great and set her apart from the rest but beautiful pictures & videos of her special ceremony will make for the great memories for the time to come.

A great bridal wedding makeup not only needs a potent desire to look good but it also demands that you select a makeup style that not only makes you look beautiful but also projects your real self before the viewers. The great bridal makeup needs to make you comfortable and poised, totally absorbed & present in the moment with elegance and style. If you wear simple make up in your life style then wedding is not the best time when you should have those smoky eyes.  You have to be just like you only slightly enhanced to look great and lovely.

Following are the important tips which must be taken care of in order to attain the magical and magnificent great bridal make up.

Use Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand of words. This is a famous saying that automatically makes the task of your makeup artist easier. Show him the pictures from the magazines or other journals of the type of that lipstick color you want to have or the gloss you want to use on your cheeks. This will give you stunning results as the picture of colors you have in your mind regarding your make up touch can be best explained only when you show a picture to your makeup artist and not explain him or her by the help of descriptions.

Run through

Increase your chances of attaining a great bridal wedding makeup by putting your makeup artist on trial. Get him do the task on you on that special rehearsal dinner or on an evening with the groom or any other wedding proceeding taking place some days prior to the wedding ceremony. This will in fact give you an idea about the potential of the makeup artist regarding his makeup capabilities and your likes and dislikes about it.

If you are not using the services of any makeup artist then the task becomes all the more responsible and important as now you will only decide how you are going to look. The following tips can help you to get the right combination and look which you desire to achieve.

  • Foundation should blend and match with the color of the skin and should not look separate from the skin color.
  • For dark circles around eye the best way to remove them is to color them with the opposite color first and then apply the foundation on it. If your darkness is gray, lightly brush a soft pink eye shadow on clean skin first, and then apply your foundation.  If the darkness is more blue, try a matte light peach shadow. You’ll find yourself using much less concealer and foundation.
  • Using concealer is easier when you have the perfect shade. Don’t go 1-2 shades lighter than your skin, as this actually makes the darkness appear more gray and muddy.  Mix your concealer shade with a drop of your foundation and then apply. You want your skin tone to appear one even shade.
  • For a longer stay of foundation and concealer, apply Kleenex folded into squares and lightly press in to the foundation before you have powdered.
  • Lightly brush on loose powder with a large brush to set. This is not the time to press powder into the skin with a powder puff. This actually can make your skin look and get shinier quicker.
  • Apply your blush next.  Find a blush brush that is the size of the apple of your cheek for a perfect application.  Pick up your color and tap onto the apples of the cheeks, slowly blending back towards the temple.  When you have enough on, take a clean makeup sponge and blend.   This one step makes your blush look real, rather than just sitting on the surface of your skin.
  • For long lasting lipstick or lip gloss, powder your lips first for long lasting, then apply lip pencil on the lips. Then apply lipstick shade, blot it and then powder again. Blotting and powdering will remove excessive wax in the lipstick that causes to bleed. After this apply light coating of lip gloss on the middle of the bottom lip.
  • Brush and fill in eyebrows if needed with a shade that’s 1-2 shades lighter than your eyebrow hairs.  Brush through with a toothbrush afterwards for a more natural look.
  • Apply shimmering cream on the eyebrow bone and in the inner corners of the eye, above and below the eyelashes. This will highlight your eyes. For making the eyes look larger, apply the sand or taupe in the crease of the eye. Blend it well. Let the eyes look neutral while the cheeks and lips are highlighted by the colors. For the eye lashes and liner, line the outer ½ or ¼ of the eye with the pencil. Blend with Q tip. Then apply the mascara on the eye. Smudge it when dry and then your eyeliner will stay longer. Remember to curl your lashes before, not after mascara.
  • Single false eyelashes are the most natural looking.  An easy way to apply them is to apply one coat of mascara, let dry.  Apply a dot of glue on the tip of the lash and along the length.  Then, take your tweezers, looking down, and place 2-3 single lashes on the outer 1/4 of the eye.  Let the glue dry, and then another coat of mascara to seal the lashes together. False eyelashes go a long way in making your eyes dramatic and the focus of the face.

Finally make sure everything is blended well.   If you feel like you have a lot of makeup on, lightly mist with a soft spray of water to set.  This will take away the feeling of makeup on your skin and also helps to set the makeup.  If you want your skin to glow, lightly brush on a soft shimmering eye shadow or the new shimmer loose powders.  To avoid over doing it, just dust across the tops of the cheekbones and collar bones.  For a more over-all glow, you can even go across the forehead and chin.


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