10 Ways to Fast-Track Your AM Beauty Routine


When it comes to weekday rituals, the majority of us are in the same boat: too much primping to do, too little time. Whether you’re a snoozer (guilty!) or you jump out of bed to start your day, we could all benefit from learning how to streamline our morning routine. Here are our tricks for getting your makeup regimen down to a (beautifully primed) tee.

10 Ways to Fast-Track Your AM Beauty Routine

1. Skip a Step

Hydration, sun protection and foundation: These are all necessary steps you need to take, but they shouldn’t take you hours.

2. Go Double Duty

Opt for a multitasker that’s going to take care of both of your lips and cheeks for an easy pop of color.

3. Frame Your Face

In our experience, you can get away with most other beauty sins if you’re wielding the right brow.

5 Tips for Keeping your Make-up in Place All Day Long

4. Bypass Panda Eyes

Unfortunately, it’s often those days when you are racing to get out the door that you realize mid-morning you’re sporting a giant mascara clump (or it’s halfway down your face). Forget that: Have your lashes tinted for a naturally open-eyed look, or invest in lash extensions — you’ll wake up feeling so pretty you may not even need any makeup.

5. Hit Refresh

The pre-planning side of you showered the night before, so spruce up your strands in the AM by applying a 3-in-1 product that gives dry shampoo, volumizing and hairspray benefits to keep your style in check all day. Spritz, spritz, go!

6. Wake Up ’N’ Glow

Is there anything better than starting the day off with a gorgeous (faux) tan and getting to skip the foundation routine?

7. Choose Your Tools Wisely

They should be multipurpose. The makeup artist go-to: the legendary Beauty Blender. Use it to apply foundation, and then flip to the other end to apply cheek color and highlighter.

8. Spot Wash

If you’ve got bangs, you know how much of an effort they can be at times. When they need some attention, don’t go through the entire hair-washing routine again if you don’t have to — lathering just your fringe up in the sink is a far quicker option. 

9. Wet Hair, Don’t Care

But if your strands are screaming out for a morning wash and you don’t have time for a full blow-dry, use dry shampoo.

10. If All Else Fails …

If you are truly losing the race against the clock, a killer bright lipstick will save the day and deflect all else … every time.

What part of your beauty routine takes the longest each morning? 


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