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5 Favorite Reasons Why You Need a Makeup Primer


How Makeup Primer Works and Why You Need a Makeup Primer

For those who might be new to makeup primer, a primer is an ideal make up prep after applying your routine moisturizer. It is basically the makeup base that provides your skin with a smoother surface when you are going to use a foundation.
Many makeup gurus refer a primer as a canvas for your foundation. By wearing primer, it acts as an invisible buffer between your skin and foundation to create the perfect canvas for your face. It helps in making your makeup application more long-lasting. However, you can choose to wear it with or without makeup.

Now, the most frequently asked question is to prime or not to prime? As we have had all known that there are many foundations in the market for every skin types possible. Well, there is also a primer to go along with them! Some of us may think that it will be too hassle and another expense to add yet another product to our makeup routine. And you might already be thinking that why would I need a face primer when I already use a moisturizer? So, here are the top 5 favorite reasons why you need a makeup primer!

Reason #1: A Clearer and Smoother Skin

Primers smooth the surface of your skin and evens out the skin tone. Especially for skin with blemishes, primer helps to better conceal blemishes and lets you blend your concealer or foundation in more evenly.

Reason #2: Long-Lasting Makeup

Primer makes your foundation and makeup last longer. Since we, in India,classified as a hot tropical country, except the northern states of Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir in the north and Sikkim in the northeastern hills, which have a cooler, having makeup to last longer is definitely a must!

Reason #3: Defy Your Age

Primer makes you look younger and reduce the look of fine lines or wrinkles as well as scars and pores under foundation.

Reason #4: No More Greasiness

Primer reduces shine on your face. You can forget that greasiness that a foundation may bring you. The trick is to find one that is oil-free. And primer don’t clog up pores like many thought it would!

Reason #5: The Extra Protective Layer

Primer creates a protective barrier over the skin, as well as seals in and protects any treatment products used during your daily skincare regimen.


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