5 Hair Accessories We’re Loving So Much


Here are 5 of our favorite hair accessories that are a must have for this summer.

1. Hair Crowns:

hair_crown_flowers-1 hair_crown_chain


Hair crowns have always been a great hair accessory, but these are our two favs!

2. Head Bands/ Head Wraps

front_twist_head_wrap head_band


Head bands are a cute way to style your hair on the go and keep it all together!

3. Hair Ties:

ponytail_hair_cuff henri_bendel_hair_band asos-hair-tie-e1468264446644


Hair ties are the ultimate quick hair fix when on the go that are still super cute!

4. Hair Clips:

urban-outfitters-hair-clips asos-hair-clips


Hair clips are great because they are functional and fun!

5. Bobby Pins/ Hair Pins:

tasha-bobby-puns-trend bun-pin-asos


Bobby pins are a staple of any girls hair style.  From simple to extravagant, a total must have!


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