Korean women are considered one of the most perfect women. It comes as a surprise that Korean women are not alone when it comes to skin care and makeup. According to the “Dailymail”; sales of beauty products for men in Korea were estimated at £544.5 million in the year 2012.

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5 Simple Steps to Korean Skin Care

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5 Simple Steps to Korean Skin Care

Korean men and women both enjoy flawless skin with petite physique. Though climate and genes contribute highly; Korean Skin Care and Korean makeup routine is also something extra-ordinary & worth following. It is often heard that women in Korea spend both time & money in daily skin care. It has been reported by unofficial sources that the secret behind the beautiful glowing skin is a mixture of 18 products. It might be a mystery- we have no guesses. However following we are breaking down the basic Korean skin care routine.


Korean skin care consists of TWO important sessions.

  1. Internal Session
  2. External Session


The first session is about preparing your body & skin to receive &accept those several Korean skin care products you apply externally. As an internal Korean skin care treatment; you need to be very conscious of what you are taking in. Korean skin care lays great stress on herbal diets and drinks such as 3-4 cups of green tea a day. Green tea does not only help hydrating your body but also helps purifying the blood. Other than green tea; Korean skin care depends a lot on drinking purified water. Drinking water cleanses, moisturizes and keeps your skin glowing, healthy and fresh. Other than this; Koreans consume fresh vegetables and follow a strict diet that is low in sodium.

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External Korean skin care regimen is time-consuming which demands for persistence and patience. It deals with several Korean skin care and makeup products where you only learn as you grow and your wallet shrinks. The basic Korean skin care is followed in a religious manner where the circulation of blood is encouraged by “patting movement” of fingers which let products readily absorbed in the skin.


Korean Skin Care Daily Routine


  • Cleanse

Korean skin care emphasizes on double-cleansing. The Korean style of cleansing is to cleanse face first by oil such as coconut, almond or olive to remove stubborn residues of BB creams followed by cleansing it with a foam-cleanser. Try Skin79 BB cleanser to enjoy clearer & brighter younger looking skin.


  • Tone

Using a toner acts like a “building-block” in Korean skin care regime. Not only does it removes surface dirt, grime and makeup but also prepares the skin for the better penetration of skin food such as serums and essences.


  • Moisturize/ Emulsify (Serums & Essences)

The next stage of Korean skin care routine is moisturizing. Depending on the type of your skin; pick any drug store or high end moisturizer. In Korea; moisturizers are often known as “Emulsions”. Emulsions are light moisturizers; basically for oily skin.The moisturizing process is followed by the application of serum and or essence. Serums penetrate into the skin for the treatment of number of problems such as dryness, flaking, opened pores and acne whereas moisturizer keeps the upper layers of your skin hydrated and tight.


Korean Skin Care Weekly Routine


You thought achieving flawless goddess like glowing skin is easy? No; there are also some simple steps that are practiced on weekly basis.


  • Exfoliate

Exfoliation is necessary to remove dead layers of cells that are clogging the pores. If you don’t exfoliate; you will find debris accumulation on your face which will result in multi-toned skin complexion. It also allows deeper penetration of serums and essences.


  • Face Masks

They provide nourishment and reduce puffiness. Several types of face masks are available such as clay masks, peel-off, essence-soaked sheets, sleeping packs etc. Some of the best Korean face masks are by Beaute69. Choose one as per your skin type.


Basic Korean skin care regimen is easy to adapt and includes almost the very same steps that you follow as a western skin care regime. The only added products are essences/serums and the process of double-cleansing.

Korean Skin care is followed by the Korean makeup routine and as a result you attain an illuminating facial glow. Along with following Korean skin care religiously; you need to get 8 hours of regular beauty sleep per day and adequate hydration!


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