Even if you wear makeup daily, you’re probably not interested in having to reapply it numerous times throughout the day.But reapplication can be impossible to avoid when it’s only noon and your foundation has already worn off, your eyeliner is running, and your lipstick is a ghost of 7 AM past. This are five tips that’ll keep your look in tip-top shape well past sundown.

5 Tips for Keeping your Make-up in Place All Day Long

1. Prime your skin

Primer is one of those makeup products that seems a lot more intimidating than it actually is. It might sound like you’re prepping your face for a fresh coat of paint, but really all you’re doing is helping to ensure your makeup stays intact throughout the day. After your moisturizer has dried, apply your primer of choice throughout your face. Use a bit of extra over red or oily areas. .

2. Layer your Foundation

When you want to stay warm in the winter you layer your clothes, right? Well, when you want your makeup to stay put in the summer you should layer your foundation. Using a makeup sponge and a lightweight foundation (like the HD Invisible Cover Foundation from Makeup For Ever), build your foundation using multiple layers, rather than just gooping it all on at once. Between each layer, use translucent powder to lock the foundation into place.

3. Powder your face

Grab an eyeshadow brush and translucent powder to lock eyeliner into place, and use a bit over blush and bronzer. You can even dust a bit over your lipstick to keep your color of choice on longer. While some powders leave your face looking chalky, the Microfinish Powder from Makeup For Ever is light enough that it can even be used over cream blushes and liquid highlighters without sacrificing their dewy factor. Trust me — this baby’ll change your makeup game forever.

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4. Prep your eyes

Before you put on eyeshadow, put a teeny-tiny bit of eyeshadow primer (like Urban Decay’s award-winning) on your lids. This will keep your eyeshadow from smudging and creasing throughout the day. After the primer has dried, pat on a neutral eyeshadow as a base.

5. Spray down your face

You spritz it over your face, let it dry, and your makeup is locked in for the night. It might sound gimmicky, but it really works wonders. It’s perfect for those nights when you have absolutely no idea how long you’ll be out and about.


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