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5 Top Reasons Why You Need Exfoliate for Younger Looking Skin


How Exfoliation Retains Your Youth?

Do you know that you can achieve younger looking skin by gentle exfoliating? We have 5 top notch reasons on why you need exfoliate for younger looking skin?
But before we move on, let’s get the exfoliating meaning right beforehand! So what is exfoliating? According to Wikipedia, “Exfoliation in cosmetology refers to the removal of the oldest dead skin cells on the skin’s outermost surface. Exfoliation removes the outer layer to reveal the newer skin beneath and has been used for many years to help maintain healthy skin.

The benefits of exfoliating your skin are plenty! There are so many great reasons to exfoliate your skin, from unclogging your pores to reducing skin breakouts. Not only applicable in women, exfoliation is also important for men as it exposes the hair follicles for achieving the closest shave possible. Skin exfoliating can help your body removes dead skin cells for a softer and smoother skin where you can show off your best skin possible! If you’re still not convinced on the benefits of exfoliating your skin, keep on reading for 5 awesome reasons!

#1 – Even Out Your Skin Tone

Many women are troubled by uneven skin tone these days but we actually have a great way to counter it which is by exfoliating your skin. One of the benefits of skin exfoliating is that it can help remove away leftover dirt, dry cells, impurities as well as layers of dead skin to reveal bright, new skin that is hiding underneath. The removal of dead skin cells through exfoliation helps with skin discoloration by balancing the uneven skin pigmentation. Exfoliating is also the ultimate glow-getter! Thus, exfoliating evens out your skin tone while keeping it soft and glowing!

#2 – Help Prevent Acne Outbreaks

When your pores get clogged up with dead skin cells, oils and sebum can get trapped under the skin surface and subsequently causing pimples. Skin exfoliation can helps in buffing the dead skin cells away and prevents your pores from clogging which keeps acne under control. If you experience blackheads, whiteheads or breakouts, exfoliating is the best way in keeping your skin pores clean and unclogged. Start keeping your pores clean and clear through exfoliating and you’ll be able to keep the acne by the bay!

#3 – Improve Skin Texture

Ever tried a body scrub to exfoliate your arms and knee? We are sure you have encountered that magical feeling with the super smooth skin after a body scrub! The same goes for facial scrub. Many of us have mistakenly thought that facial exfoliation is only for people with oily skin type. That is absolutely wrong as another benefit of exfoliating your skin is improving its texture. If you have rough or dry skin, exfoliating your skin is an easy way to restore dry and dull skin. Make sure you exfoliate on a regular basis with the correct exfoliator products to keep skin smooth!

#4 – Help Your Skin Care Products to Penetrate Deeper

There are times where we found ourselves discovering that our skin is not getting any benefit from skin care products. If you had experienced this, well, do not blame on the product too briskly. This is simply because, you might be having layers of dead skin piling up on the surface, preventing the skin care product for penetrating your skin. Exfoliating can speeds up the skin’s renewal process and helps your moisturizer to penetrate even deeper into the skin. So exfoliate regularly for your skin care products to be really absorbed and work on your skin!

#5 – Fight Signs of Aging

One more fantastic skin benefit from exfoliating is to fight the signs of aging. Often, fine lines, wrinkles and dry skin are caused by dead and dull skin cells. The natural ability of our skin to shed dead skin cells slowly weaken down as we get older. Hence, a routined exfoliation can shed those dead skin cells and leads to visibly brighter skin. You can help your skin age even more gracefully by exfoliating regularly to keep fine lines and wrinkles in check!

Yes, indeed! There are so many benefits of exfoliating that most people do not know of. It wouldn’t hurt much to try on something that brings much more fun and happiness into your life. Pick your favourite exfoliator up today and start to explore the journey of beauty!


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