Don’t we all love to accentuate our eyes with gorgeous dramatic winged eyeliner?

Gone are the days when creating a traditional winged eyeliner look (popularly called ‘cat eye’) used to fetch lots of attention and appreciation. Beauty enthusiasts are getting versatile, thereby experimenting with new looks and styles day by day. Modifications of the standard winged eyes are a result of these experiments.

In this post, we will talk about 6 different versions of winged eyeliner styles that you should master right now:

Cutout Cat Eye

A traditional cat eye oozes class and elegance. When a cutout is created along with that, you can expect a true bombshell look instantly. For a more intense look, trace the lines with a white eyeliner.



  1. Start with applying a liquid liner along the upper lash lines of your eyes. Don’t make it too thick and try to be as smooth as possible.
  2. Flick the lines outward to get regular winged tips.
  3. Now, starting from the center of your each eyelid, create another line along the crease in an outward direction. You can also move the starting point a bit further to the outer corner of the eyes.
  4. Join both of the lines at the outer edges of eyes to create sharp angles.


Double Wings

Looking for something more interesting than a casual cat eye look? Just double it up! A hint of white liner along the inner corners of eyes will make your eyes pop even more.



  1. At first, create the regular single winged liner look by applying the liner along your top lash lines. Extend the flicks outward and a little upward.
  2. Draw the second wings parallel to the first ones starting right from the outer corners of your eyes.

Twisted Cat Eye

Well, here are some more twists for those who are bored of single or double-winged cat eye looks. The process of styling is easy and the result is amazing!



  1. By using a gel eyeliner, draw thick solid lines along the upper lash lines of your eyes. A liquid liner will work too.
  2. Carefully extend the outer edges of the lines into winged tips.
  3. Now, draw thin lines along your lower lash lines starting from the centers of the lower eyelids.
  4. Extend the length of the lower lines keeping them parallel to the upper wings. These should actually be small flicks, which look like second wings.

Bold And Dramatic

When it comes to winged eyeliner styles, dark and bold always look dramatic. If you are confident enough to pull off this heavy liner look, go and give it a try.



  1. Apply the liner flawlessly along your upper lash lines. There should be no gap in between the edges of the upper eyelids and the lines drawn.
  2. Extend the lines in outward direction creating long sheer wings. Make sure that you stretch them at least a few millimeters beyond the outer corners of your eyes. A piece of scotch tape might be helpful for this job.
  3. Now, start drawing lines from the tips of wings to meet the inner corners of your eyes. These should be curved diagonal lines running a little below the creases.
  4. Fill the spaces between the lines with the liner. For a shining appearance, choose gel eyeliner over pencil or liquid ones.

Graphic Wings

Try going graphic with your winged eyeliner style, if you think it is your cup of tea. The look is vivid and you must have a high level of confidence to carry it perfectly.



  1. Apply the liner along the upper lash lines as closely as possible starting from the inner corners of your eyes.
  2. Extend them outward and a little upward to create wings.
  3. Now, cut a tiny triangular piece of scotch tape and stick it to one of your eyelids in such a manner that one point touches the lined lash line while one side faces the crease.
  4. Starting from the inner corner of the eye, draw a curved line following the natural shape of your lid. It should run right below the crease and cross over the scotch tape.
  5. Extend the curved line beyond the eyelid and connect it with the previously drawn wing.
  6. Fill the space in between the lines with the liner and let it dry.
  7. Remove the scotch tape carefully.
  8. Repeat the steps 3 to 7 for the second eye too.

Egyptian Eyes

Want to look like an Egyptian beauty? Give this ancient eyeliner trick a try and the result will be awesome! You can add a zing to the look by applying glitter eyeshadows of different colors.



  1. Draw thick, solid lines along your top lash lines and extend them to the inner corners of your eyes by following a smooth downward motion.
  2. Extend the lines to the outer edges of your eyes to create standard wings.
  3. Now, join the starting and ending points of the lines by drawing lines along the lower lash lines.
  4. Start by drawing a standard cat eye on your upper lash line, extending your liner to the inner corner of your eye.

Which one of these winged eyeliner styles do you want to try?

Image Credit – Pinterest


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