6 Easy Eyeliner Technique that look great for every time use


Eyeliner: There are 30,000 ways to play it, and one for every occasion in your life.Wing it for work, smudge it out for sexy first date eyes and waterline on all those other times when you’re bored of the same look you do over and over.

So if you’re a one-trick liner pony, or just over your standard look, here are 6 easy eyeliner technique for you to practice and perfect. Get your liner hand ready: You’ll be Lauren Conrad in no time.

1. Smudged-out eyes


Let’s start with the easy. Use a pencil liner to line your top and bottom lash line and go as thick or thin as you like (get experimental!). Use either a fine brush or your pinkie — the heat of your fingertip helps to spread the product — to smudge the liner. Go as messy as you want!

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2. Slightly smudged


The same effect, just taken down a notch.  For those occasions when you’ve created a smoky eye look that’s just a little too perfect, take your fine brush and gently widen your liner out, creating a shadow effect.

3.  Winged out liner


One winged-eyeliner look, so many ways to get it. Trust me, there aren’t many in the world who can achieve perfectly symmetrical wings without cheating a little. Everyone relies on the assistance of either a business card or the humble tape to get those gorgeous points.

4. Barely-three liner


This is subtle, don’t-leave-the-house-without-it kinda liner. Use a flat-angled brush to get as close to the lash line as possible for an eye-widening effect.

5. No-flick necessary


We get it, sometimes wings are too much. Simply lining your lid with a pointed liner brush gives your face depth without looking too dramatic.

6. Classic Everyday Shading


Retire your brush for this one, and apply a solid pencil around your eyelid, keeping your eyes elongated by not tracing all the way into the inner corners. To avoid the panda eye look, apply the pencil between each lash along the lower lash line, which tamps the color down for a long-lasting finish.


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