7 Best Homemade Body Lotions for Dry Skin


Enjoying long walks on the beach, lazy days by the pool, or even a long weekend hitting the slopes can be a great way to pass the time, but it can really wreck your skin.You may slather on lotions containing chemical or synthetic ingredients only to discover that they leave you dissatisfied with the way your skin feels.
Here are listed some of the ingredients which you can use as a main tool in the homemade body lotions for dry skin. These ingredients in the homemade body lotion for dry skin will help to make your skin supple and smooth. Using these homemade body lotions on your dry skin every day is a must process for you to follow.

Best Homemade Body Lotions for Dry Skin:

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter has immense moisturizing properties, and with its thick creamy consistency, it is an ideal base for a moisturizing cream. It forms a protective layer on the skin, thus, preventing extreme dryness and itching.


One cup of milk and one cup of fresh yogurt is what you need to make this homemade lotion. In a clean bowl, pour the cup of milk and the fresh yogurt and using a beater mix the ingredients. When the mixture gets fluffy, store it in the fridge. Apply the cold homemade body lotion on your dry skin and rinse after half an hour.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has vitamins and minerals that serve as antimicrobial agents, and help moisturize and soften the skin. It also helps to relieve itching caused by dry skin.


If you want to make your dry skin soft and supple, almond powder is the best ingredient for you. One cup of ground almond is added to half a cup of pasteurised milk to make a thick paste. Cover your dry skin with this paste to get rid of dry skin.


Make a thick puree out of 5 tomatoes. Add this puree to half cup of milk and instantly beat it with a beater. When the homemade body lotion gets thicker, apply the lotion on your dry skin. When dry, wash your body using milk and water.


The only disadvantage of this homemade body lotion for dry skin is the foul smell which emits after applying. You can add a spoon of turmeric to the mixture of half cup of milk and egg white. Apply the lotion on your damp skin so that the lotion can help get rid of dry skin.


To make a homemade body lotion recipe for dry skin use flour and milk. Take half a cup of cup of milk and one spoon of flour to make a paste. Add in a spoon of fresh cream to make the paste smoother. Use this mixture on your dry skin twice in the week to see positive results.


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