Do it like the pro makeup artists and base away.

Here’s the thing about applying foundation – there’s a very fine (and annoying) line between looking cakey or flawless. Especially when you have a friend that shows up looking like Mario Dedivanovic made a pit stop at her place before she came to hang out. The good news is, there are ways to have your foundation applied like a pro. Whether you’re a beginner or you’re just not loving your look quite yet, here are foundation hacks that you absolutely can’t miss.


1. Primer, foundation, concealer –  Exactly in this order. Primer helps your foundation stay on while adding luminosity to your look all day. And when I say concealer last, I mean it. Applying concealer after foundation helps correct those eye bags and spots you’d like to hide more effectively and seamlessly than applying it before.

2. For a lighter application, add moisturiser – If you’re looking for a lighter and sheer application, add moisturiser to your foundation routine. This tip also helps especially when your skin is really dry. Applying a little bit of face oil to foundation also helps you in hydrating and maintaining coverage.

3. The 3 Swipe Test – Figure your perfect foundation shade out with swipes of 3 of the closest shades along your cheek/jawline to see which one fits your skin perfectly. And, really that’s all that’s there.

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4. If you find yourself without concealer, never fret – Because foundation is still your bestfriend! Just apply some liquid foundation at the spot, let it dry so the consistency thickens and then rub it out like concealer. If you blend it out too soon then you might find yourself with very little coverage.

5. Proper tools for proper coverage – If you want a sheer coverage, use a stippling brush. Medium coverage? A buffing brush.

6. Too much of a good thing isn’t a good thing – Don’t paint your whole face with large stripes of foundation. Experts recommend a maximum of 5 dots to give you a flawless finish – one each on your cheeks, forehead, chin and neck. Then blend it outwards in circular motions with a brush or Beauty Blender to distribute it evenly.

7. Blot away – Swap your setting powders for blotting papers the next time you touch up. This helps from making you look too cakey throughout the day while controlling the shin.

8. And yes, contouring helps a ton – Avoid from having a flat base by contouring under your foundation. Using a shade that’s 3 times darker than your foundation as a contour helps refine, resculpt, add warmth, and define. Be sure to warm up the hairline, temples and under the cheekbones for added depth.

Take it away and be your flawless self, girls.


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