Since it is an established fact that makeup is definitely an art, it is essential that the artist must start from the very basics!Makeup can sometimes be considered a hassle, especially if you don’t know what products to use or how to use them. You will find certain things that you should keep in mind while applying makeup. Knowing how much to use and just what colours you want to wear may be the first step in application.

Here are some basic makeup tips every woman should know to look her best always. For all those of you who have just taken up this talent, here is a guider on the very basic items to keep in mind.

Basic Steps Of Face Makeup

Once you have got that determined and picked up all that you need, here are the basic steps you have to follow to achieve it. We suggest that you simply keep everything at hand and also a handful of ear buds close by in case you need to remove your liner and redo it real quick!


A primer minimizes pores and creates a smooth base perfect for the rest of your makeup application. This can be a step you can skip if your skin is naturally flawless, however if you simply have any imperfections, it’s a fabulous product that can make your skin look amazing.


Make sure you start off using a good moisturizer. This way you can prevent any flakes from having dry skin, as well as protect your skin if your moisturizer features a sunblock. If you want to make sure your moisturizer has been applied correctly or throughout you can use a specific foundation brush to ensure that you don’t miss a spot.


ALL mascara works differently. Most people might not be aware of that, but it does. Each mascara comes different trick. Whether or not you like long eyelashes, thick eyelashes, etc. You are able to find a mascara that works differently for you personally.


Eyeliner can be applied in many ways to define your eyes. A vintage black shade is a necessity for many skin tones; if you have fair skin, choose a dark-brown. Also, light to medium skin tones should think about a dark navy, since the blue makes the whites of your eyes pop; therefore, making you look more awake. We recommend mechanical eyeliner pencils because they are self-sharpening, allowing you to skip a step.


Start off shaking your bottle, by doing this the foundation is mixed well and able to be applied. our just a small amount to the back of your hand using your middle finger, make-up sponge, or foundation brush. Apply towards the center of your face, cheeks, and T-Zone ( across forhead and down nose). It’s important to take into consideration how much you are applying and how you’re blending, in order to create that flawless look. Lines to become cautious of are your hairline and jawline. Also seriously consider how your blending around your nose and mouth.


Your lip color may also make a difference in how your canvas looks when complete. Make sure to choose a lip color that matches your skin tone and fits your everday look, also try mixing colors to get that perfect look suited for you. You can start off with a pretty lipgloss, or lipstick. In either case be sure to get something that is long-lasting.


For your basic makeup collection, it’s a good idea to possess some natural tan, taupe and off-white eyeshadow shades. These shades are perfect to have an everyday school, as well as work, look. Almost all drugstore beauty brands manufacture eyeshadow sets with multiple shades inside them. These are perfect for a makeup novice, because it takes all of the guess work out of finding complementary shades to focus on and define your eyes.


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