Make up is the prerequisite for any women thinking of looking beautiful and attractive among others.Actresses, models, Bureaucrats, corporates and even housewives do the make up whenever they move in public to look good and presentable. Make up enhances the features, highlights the skin tone and make the skin look sharper and brighter.

Magazines and websites are filled up with innumerable tips on makeup and beauty enhancement techniques. Everybody wants to look good to feel more confident and be more valued in front of others and what is better than to get yourself groomed up by donning make up and looking beautiful.

Both men and women are trying makeup from hundreds of years, even though styles, technique and trends already went through a dramatic change with time. The first record of make-up demand originates from Egypt. Men and women of the Egyptian individuals are known to use cream that kept their skin hydrated and flexible and delayed the coming of wrinkles. Cosmetics were shaped from copper and lead ore and Egyptian women ornamented their eyes by making use of dark green dye towards the lid and dark the lashes with kohl caused by antimony or soot.

For many centuries, women are documented to possess used burnt matches to darken their eyes, berries to paint their lips and chalk for white complexion.

Modern make up styles

In modern times the makeup market has turned into a billion dollar industry with an incredible number of brands both local and international offering varied and diverse product ranges to men & women to appear and sense good. Make-up is not only concerned with appearing walking beauty store but it is more directed toward making you appear stylish and radiant. It is necessary for you to try different colors, textures, brands, fragrance to find the right blend suiting your skin type.


It’s important to find the right tone of base to mix with your skin. Test it your wrist. They should vanish and makes skin to glow. Foundation generally looks darker within the bottle. Creamier foundations are ideal for dry skin, while water-based fluid basics are ideal for oily skin.


This is one of the essential products present in any structure kit. Powder provides a flat shine to your skin, helps the make-up to remain longer, absorbs oil and prevents that surplus oily shine around. Face powderscould be loose, or packed. Loose powders are huge for day make-up because they keep you looking new the whole day, whereas packed powders are perfect for moving up the make-up and therefore are easier to take.

Eye essentials

To start beautifying your vision, you must start by applying a little shade of eyeshade in your lids. Apply even force and cover all of them with the help of a sponge applicator in place to blend the colour tone consistently. Apply a lighter shadow of eyeshade within the sockets from the eyes beginning in the inner corners and extending to the rim of the eyes. If you want to make your eyes enter view bigger, apply fluid eyeliner. Stay away from pencils, because they fail to build your eyes sparkle. Select a dark color for example black, dark grey, brown or dim blue and become relevant a little difference tracing natural form of your vision. Once the kohl gets dry, you must be relevant mascara. The color tone of your mascara ought to be black in place to make your vision stand out.


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