The Benefits of Rosehip Oil – why it is good for your skin


Rosehip is a forest shrub of the family of Roses which grows especially in the Andean southern part of Chile.The seeds provide an oil with a very high percentage of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids.

Pure rosehip oil has been used for many skin and beauty benefits for example scar reduction, eczema, burns and wrinkles. Utilized by the Incas for its nutritional value, rosehip oil continues to be a major ingredient in many beauty products.

It’s derived from the leftover seed pods following the petals of the rose fall off. The dried pods are heated plus a carrier oil like almond or jojoba. When the mixture is strained, the rosehip oil is able to work its magic.

Rose hips would be the seed pods found at the center of roses. They ripen because the flower blossoms and are harvested once the petals naturally fall away. The oil from all of these pods consists of high amounts of essential fatty acids and numerous vitamins, and it is therefore utilized as an important a part of a balanced diet in many regions of the world.

Benefits of Rosehip Oil

Scars, Sun and Stretches

Stubborn scars from trauma or acne could be significantly reduced or smoothed by helping cover their daily rosehip oil applications. Rosehip oil can also help the skin repair itself after overexposure towards the sun or accidental burns. Pregnancy has its own badge of honor and something of them is stretch marks. Fortunately, immediate applications following childbirth, over time, will help shrink and perhaps, eliminate stretch marks considerably. Additionally, scars caused from chicken pox will also be excellent candidates for pure rosehip oil treatment.


Due to its high amount of essential fatty acids, rosehip oil helps the skin hold moisture and lower dryness. The more moisture within the skin, the less wrinkles show or form. Several drops of rosehip oil mixed with sterilized water in a spritzer bottle makes for a great skin hydration tool.

Acne, Accidental and Surgical Scars

Massaging the oil firmly into scarred tissue two times a day for approximately three months visibly reduces raised skin and redness. Stretchmarks can be effectively prevented and given the same method of application.


Pure rosehip oil can be used a subtle, sweet fragrance. Dab several drops on your neck and temples or have a small spray bottle filled with the oil combined with distilled water in your bag. Shake and spray on your hair and neck. The smell is intoxicating.

Skin Burns

The healing aspects of the oil moisturize and infuse skin with essential protectants that guard against damaging toxins. Anti-inflammatory in nature, the oil serves as a great salve for sunburn.


Rosehip oil may be used to bring a shine towards the skin resembling a lively glow.


Skin pigmentation problems or premature aging from the skin respond well to rosehip oil. Place several drops on a cotton swab and dab around the affected area a few times per day.


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