Indian wedding hairstyles are well known for their grandeur and beautifully dressed people. The bride stands out for her beautifully draped sari, glittering jewelery and stunning hairstyle.
Indian women traditionally allow their hair to grow very long. However, don’t worry if you haven’t got long locks as having medium or short length hair can also be perfect for achieving any of the beautiful Indian wedding. We have put together best 15 indian bridal hairstyles for all hair length hair so that you can choose the one that suits you the best.

Hairstyles For Short Length Hair

1. Fluffy Curls


If you don’t have much length to experiment with, this can be an ideal bridal hairstyle. Curl the ends and let them loose while the front remains all straight and pinned up. Use hair accessories and ornaments, and get that quintessence bridal look.

2. Messy Side Sweep


Be the sensational bride by sporting this semi-retro hairdo. Perfect for short hair, twist your hair in a messy side sweep and then suddenly let it end up in a chignon.

3. Simple Side Part


Don’t want to mess with your short and simple layers? This simple side part can be an ideal choice for brides who want to keep it simple and normal. Though it may be too simple for the wedding day, you can save this hairstyle for your reception.

4. The Updo

The Updo

Updo can be the universal solution for Indian brides with short hair. Twist your hair up in any way you wish, use hair accessories or flowers, and create your own magical hairstyle. The only style mantra of Updo is that it has no specific style at all.

5. French Twist

Too short hair to do any bun or braid? Try this crisscross hairstyle in your reception.


Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

1. A Traditional India Braid

A Traditional India Braid

This traditional wedding hairstyle from South India is styled with a center part and a long braid down the back center. This hairstyle is perfect for those ladies who want to style their hair with the traditional embellishments and jewellery.

2. A Indian Hair Bun

A Indian Hair Bun

This gorgeous updo is a large bun twisted around and gathered clean and tightly at the back of the head. This is another great hairstyle to decorate with beads; flowers, jewels or you could use a simple clip or one flower to for a simple and elegant look.

3. The Twisted Updo


A great and simple updo for medium length is to add a simple twist in the hair. The twisted up curl can be in the back of the hair or in the front of additional volume upfront. This hairstyle can be styled with a veil or embellishments but it doesn’t need anything to spice it up.

4. Half-Up & Half-Down

Half-Up & Half-Down

Medium length hair gives you plenty of options for styling but you might not be able to do the intricate updo’s that many brides seek. A great compromise is a simple and timeless half-up hairstyle. This style is perfect because you easily wear a veil or traditional accessories.

5. Curled Updo


A gorgeous updo option for medium length hair is to simply curl your hair and pin it up in a soft and loose bun that is styled in place. There is a lot of versatility with this hairstyle so make sure that the front is styled so that it flatters your face shape. For example, a lot of volume will be flattering for a round face but soft loose strands left out of the curled updo would be best for a square face shape. Style with a simple accessory around the curled back.

Hairstyles For Long Length Hair

1. Bun and Braid

A combination of bun and braid gives you the best of both the worlds. The bun gives a great definition to the hairstyle while the long braid gives a graceful feminine look. What’s best is that long hair are perfect to be able to achieve this look as there is enough length to b able to make a bun as well as nice long and hick braid. Both the braid and the bun cab be accessorized to further spice up the look and can be adorned with flowers and other accessories.


2. Coiled Curled Bridal Half up Half down


A half up and half down hairstyle works great for long hair and this kind of a hairstyle gives a complete look especially for a wedding. To get this look, you simply need to pin up half your hair, leaving the rest beneath open. Simply tease the crown and let the big and luscious curls fall at the back or at one side. The long hair allow for easy making of this hairstyle. Floral hair accessories can give this look even more style. This trend setting hairstyle is very graceful yet fun, elegant yet laidback and traditional yet modern enough.

3. Voluminous Long Free Hairstyle


This stunning hairstyle enhances your feminine beauty multifold. This is a trendy at the same time a simple hairstyle solution that looks gorgeous in long hair. This long downdo with added volume featuring curls only at the curls of the long tresses, looks even more impressive when accessorized with a maang tika , tiara or other hair accessories. The voluminous look gives sexy and glamorous appeal while keeping the overall look simple and elegant. This hairstyle is a perfect way to show off your long luscious locks.

4. Sophisticated Updo with Twists and Braids


Long hair provides a great base for doing up intricate and detailed updos which usually combine varying elements. One such great idea foro a trendy bridal updo for an Indian wedding is a combination of a low bun made with twists and a crown French braid. The twists as well as the braid provide very good texture and detailing to the hairstyle and when accessorized with beautiful accessories, this hairstyle looks fabulous. This bridal style is beautifully sophisticated and is perfect for a bride who wants her hair tied up without it looking boring.

5. Beehive Floral Chignon


This beehive look gives the style and elegance of a vintage era. This hairstyle is quite easy to make. Spice things up by teasing the crown a bit and adoring the style wit floral accessories. Tuck the bangs at the sides of the ears and clip with pins. This is a great hairstyle for long hair that is preferred by a lot of brides for their wedding day for its simple yet elegant and sophisticated look. The element of flowers accentuates the look further.


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