Eye makeup can define how natural or dramatic your look is. Eyes are some of the most endearing parts in a person’s face; they go a long way in making people memorable. A woman whose eyes are beautiful and who uses them confidently will certainly hold on to someone’s attention for a long time than somebody that doesn’t. Hence it is perfectly understandable if someone chooses to accentuate the benefit of their eyes by some careful and inventive makeup.

Whether you want to learn a process you are able to use every day or look stunning for a special occasion, proper application of eye makeup is really a useful skill that can both impress your peers which help you look and feel your best. With the products and colors that are out there, things can get just a little fussy and overwhelming. Many women use eye makeup to produce a sultry, dark, or smoky look for their eyes.

However, eye makeup may also be used to give a simple, natural, and composed touch to your eyes. We’ll go over the basics on what you have to achieve your perfect and natural look. Open your eyes for this one!

Here are best eye makeup tips for natural and beautiful eyes.

Start With A Clean Slate

Wash your whole face with a gentle cleanser before beginning, paying particular attention to any leftover mascara or eyeliner. If you are having trouble removing residual eye makeup, try using cold water or regular lotion on the cotton swab. If you have dry skin around your eyes or are afflicted by eczema, rub a little moisturizer underneath your eyes, as well as between your outer corners of your eyes and your temples. Don’t put moisturizer on your eyelids – this makes them greasy, and the makeup you apply will run off.


If there is the need to correct any discoloration of skin or hide some of your facial faults, then it’s recommended to use an orange or red-based concealer to neutralize the darkness. After while using concealer do not forget to set it lightly with loose powder.

Apply Eyeliner

You are able to use liquid eyeliner, a liner pencil, or perhaps wet eyeshadow on an angled brush to line your eyes. Anything you pick, move across your upper lash line in tiny, controlled strokes as though you’re drawing a dotted line. Go back and fill in the blanks with increased small strokes. For more drama, line your lower lashes as well.

Don’t Fake A Crease

Sure, it can be tempting, however, you want to enhance-not hide-your natural shape! All three artists advise never faking a crease with harsh lines or shadows, that will just look obvious. Ryoke puts it best: Showcase how beautiful you naturally are.


Peachy coral, deep orange and burnt pink blush colours on the cheeks look the best on dark complexions because it adds warmth to the complexion. Such shades can have through the skin tone, creating a subtle flush on the cheeks. If the shade of the blush isn’t showing up on your dark skin tone, then it’s recommended to use a crème blush under it to improve the intensity. One is advised to prevent very brown tones because they might make one look washed out.


For smooth skin finish, application of foundation is essential make up step, however with dusky skin tones, it’s important to choose the right shade and be sure that the foundation does not make you look ashen or pale. Most significantly, the foundation should complement your skin’s undertone. Stick to colours that are muted to prevent looking over the top. To enhance dark skin tone, use a foundation that’s light in texture. There’s variety of liquid and cream foundation available in market that works perfect for the dark skin. When applying foundation make sure to blend it properly to prevent any uneven tone.

Use Neutral Shadows

Always use your basic complexion like a guide while choosing colors for your eyes. Use shades which help you to complement your eyes. Neutral shades can function greatly to add beauty and glamour to your eyes. While just one shade of neutral color can make you look good, combining greater than a single shade would help you develop that stunning look many women make an effort to master with black eyeliner. Use a brush to place a dark bronze eye shadow round the outer corners and then use a pearl or shimmery ivory shade to brush across your lids.

Lip Liner

Those having dark complexion can use lip liner to experience with their natural mouth shape. To make lips look fuller, use a lip liner to attract just outside the natural shape of your lips. On the other hand to make lips appear less full, use a darker lip liner in a neutral tone to line just within the natural lip line.

Apply Mascara

You can apply a little or perhaps a lot, and there are many different brands and formulas for volume, length and definition. Look for a product you’re happy with. Start at the base of your upper lashes and slowly sweep upward. For any more dramatic effect, apply mascara towards the lower lashes as well. If you want to apply multiple coats, get it done while the first coats of mascara are still wet – applying a new coat to dry mascara will result in clumps.

Natural Eye Makeup Tips

Natural Eye Makeup Tips

Try and Try Again

One of the best ways to perfecting a natural eye makeup look is through trial and error. No one person has exactly the same skin tone or color complexion, so everyone’s “natural” is going to be different. This does not have to be tedious, it can be fun! When you’re experimenting with makeup, you might come across looks that you simply did not know you would like!


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