Make up on the marriage reception ceremony is going to be definitely extraordinary for the bride. Since this is the one special day for the bride so she wants to look at her level best on this auspicious day. To bring the perfection in the bridal makeup lots of efforts are applied though they can be simple but often they are most difficult to perform.

Makeup Objectives

  • Make up should last long as there would be lot of crying and emotional outbursts, hugging, dancing, eating etc. on this occasion that need to be counteracted by applying quality and effective make up.
  • Facial mascara should be water proof so that it doesn’t get washed away with the tears or by any water application on the face.
  • Make up on the lips has to be such that it doesn’t get washed away during the kiss. It should not leave its position while the ceremony goes on.
  • Skin make up has to be done so that it also does not get carried away by any external factor.


1. Do a little bit of planning before you go for the make with regard to type, color, time and occasion.
2. Do the make up in advance and conduct a trial run of the make-up before the marriage reception.
3. Colors are very important, and don’t forget the bride is going to be wearing white (or off-white) on the wedding day. Mauves, roses, and natural colors look best of all skin tones, but playing with color is usually a key to get the perfect look.
4. The to be bride should start her facial preparations 2-3 weeks before the wedding with spa treatments for example facials, masks, and eyebrow waxing.
5. Get your eye brows plucked and shaped (potentially dyed) prior to the wedding day. If you pluck them on your wedding day, your brows may look red, swollen and irritated.
6. If you wear contacts on your big day, put the lenses on before you apply your makeup.
7. Do not take stress in excess as it may impurities on your skin.
8. Your body reflects your food and drinks that you intake inside it, so stay well hydrated and take balance nutritious diet regularly during the marriage celebrations, preferably start following a strict diet routine months in advance so that its effect start visible on the wedding day.
9. Hire a professional makeup artist for the complete make up plan. It relieves you from a lot of stress as to whether whatever is being applied is perfect for the occasion or not. It also is efficient to avoid any accidents with related to make up & applications as you can now be sure that you are in the hands of a professional.


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