With summer in full swing, shorts are sometimes not only a stylish women clothing choice but a necessity.However there are a few rules to think about when considering wearing shorts to work as it’s important to know where they are appropriate.

You still want to look polished and professional so styling is important. The industry you work in is key. While shorts may be appropriate in the fashion, or advertising industry, they might not work at a legal firm.

To pull off shorts at the office without raising alarm or workplace scorn, we compiled an Atkin-approved guideline of dos (and one don’t) to wear shorts to work.


  • Pay attention to length. A good rule of thumb is to put your hands down at your sides and keep the length of the shorts to where your fingertips touch your legs or longer.
  • Wear tailored shorts they look more professional. Or wear slightly loose fitting and pleated shorts as they give the illusion of wearing a skirt.
  • Stick to a classic prints for the office like stripes, paisley, or a geometric pattern.
  • Pair shorts with a feminine blouse. Complete the look with structured blazers for women,   a cardi , or scarf.
  • Wear with printed tights for cooler weather.
  • Try the trend to transition from desk to date.

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  • Style shorts with a t-shirt or tank. Paired with shorts, it’s much too casual for an office environment. Opt instead for a feminine blouse.
  • Wear denim. Save the cutoffs for weekend wear or the beach.
  • Wear casual shoes like thongs. Instead, wear a pair of wedges or pointy toed heels. It will lengthen your legs.

Let us know, would you wear shorts to the office?


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