When it comes to beauty, our Hollywood celebs can be quite the trendsetters.From making heads turn with their hairstyles to flaunting daring lips colours, these stars can be credited for starting some of the latest beauty trends. Want to know all about celebs famous beauty trends? Take a look.

Cara Delevingne’s power brows
Cara Delevingne's power brows

Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows are almost as famous as her.

The supermodel’s bushy brows have spawned thousands of copycats and convinced an entire generation of women to ditch the tweezers.

But while others go to extreme lengths to bulk up theirs with extensions and eyebrow pencils, the 22 year old has revealed she does almost nothing to hers.

Kylie Jenner for making icy blue hair sexy

Kylie Jenner for making icy blue hair sexy

Are you brave enough to colour your hair in an unconventional way? Well, Kylie Jenner could be your hero.  Kylie Jenner is no stranger to experimenting with her hair, having shown off a variety of different styles in the past few years.

The girl, known for her edgy looks, started the trend of icy blue hair. Fans went gaga over her new hair and before you knew it, girls were thronging parlours to play copycats to her. Well, if your beauty guide too involves colouring your hair in fun colours, you should give the Kylie hair a shot.

Rihanna’s metallic blue lips

Rihanna's metallic blue lips

Rihanna has never met a trend she won’t try at least once. It’s obvious that she is pretty fearless when it comes rebellious makeup and hair, and is often the person who kickstarts trends. Rihanna’s latest blue lipstick look might have her fashion minions scouring shelves at indie makeup stores to find a similar shade and to copy her look, ASAP!

Adele’s stunning cat eye liner

 Adele's stunning cat eye liner 

Things that go hand in hand with Adele: emotional songs that inspire even the heartless among Us to weep openly, and of course, a fierce cat-eye. It seems like every time we see Adele, she’s rocking yet another wing-tipped eyeliner look, and pulling it off wherever she may be. And, despite the fact that we’re all crying, she’s not — in fact, her eyeliner has never not looked perfect.

The “Chasing Pavements” singer, 27, who has shattered nearly every record with her latest single, “Hello,” manages to make retro liner work for any occasion by truly owning her ’60s vibe.

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Kim Kardashian’s perfectly contoured face

Kim Kardashian's perfectly contoured faceKim Kardashian is clearly the master of contouring and highlighting with makeup. Sculpted to perfection, Kim’s makeup has been the topic of discussion for a while. So much so that several magazines and international websites went on to decode her look and even speak to her makeup artists to reveal what goes into contouring her face.


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