Choose the perfect jacket for women and how to wear it!


A staple in every woman’s wardrobe is a selection of great jackets that are perfect for the right occasion. From a work-appropriate blazer, a classic trench coat and a warm pea coat for those chilly winter days, it’s important to invest in a range of jackets that fit you well and that will last seasons to come.

Choose the perfect jacket for women and how to wear it!

Choosing a jacket:

As long as you know the basic guidelines on how to dress for your body shape, you’ll find it much easier to find the perfect jacket style.

Since jackets are going to be a big part of your daily closet, it’s important to choose high-quality jackets that will last you seasons to come!

Other important factors include picking styles in simple colors and without any super complicated details as you know they will work for just about any occasion and you can wear them time after time!

Build a solid jacket and coat closet:

There are a few jacket styles that every woman needs. These are:

  • A trench coat
  • A blazer
  • A leather jacket
  • A denim jacket
  • A raincoat
  • A lightweight cotton jacket
  • A wool pea coat
  • A long overcoat

Secure them in neutral solids such as black, dark brown, dark navy blue and beige/camel – which work well with absolutely everything you have in your wardrobe.



Pick the right fit for your body shape:

A big part of choosing the right jacket is picking styles that suit your body shape best.



Your focus is to show off your
well-defined waist. So look for women’s jackets that go in tighter at the waist. This willbe most blazers as well as trench coats or long overcoats that have a belted waist.


If you have a pear shape it’s important to choose jackets that draw attention away from your wide hips and opt for styles that have neck or shoulder detailing.

Faux fur, shearling or beading on the neckline and shoulders are great choices as are puffed sleeves. For an even more flattering look, pair your women’s jacket with a statement scarf or earrings.


If you have an apple shaped body your goal is to slim down your waist by drawing attention to the shoulder and chest region – much like a pear shaped body!

Choose coats and jackets with button detailing on the neck or loose cape style jackets that flow nicely outwards on your body.


For a rectangle shape – it’s important to choose styles that create the illusion of curves, especially around the hips. Choose jackets that have pockets, shoulder detailing, drawstring waist-ties, large buttons… the options are endless as long as you aim to keep your waist defined.


How to know if your jacket fits:

  • The shoulder seam of the jacket should meet with the natural outer edge of your shoulders. But if the seam lies on your arm, then the shoulders are too wide
  • Try to raise your arms above your head. If you can’t then the shoulder width is too narrow
  • You should be able to fit a knit or another top underneath your jacket comfortably and easily
  • A great way to tell if you are wearing the right sleeve length is to put both arms out straight in front of you. If the sleeves pull up above your wrists, then they are too short

Now pick the right style and size for you.


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