Contouring Mistakes You DON’T Want to Make


Say goodbye to tiger streaks.

Contouring is literally our saving grace for super chiseled features minus surgery costs. But if you aren’t all that familiar with contouring palettes and brushes, things may go from 0-100 real quick and you may end up with tiger stripes on your face.

Here’s a quick tip – determine your face shape and products that work for you the best. After that, read through our list of the most common contouring mistakes that are totally avoidable and will have you looking like a sculpted slay queen in no time:

You’re not covering your bases right – 

Contouring Mistakes

Photo: MNN

Covering your bases is important so contouring can happen smoothly. If you’re prone to oily skin, this is especially important to avoid uneven streaks on your face. Cover your bases in this order – foundation, concealer, translucent powder.

Your bronzer is too dark for you – 

Contouring Mistakes

Photo: Sephora

Harsh lines are the most common and unforgiving contouring mistake for your look. Often, they’re a result of a bronzer that’s too dark for your skin tone. To practice, find a bronzer that’s about two shades darker than your natural skin tone to practice with.

You’re not blending your bronzer – 

Contouring Mistakes

Photo: Today Show

You can be on the right track with the placement of your bronzer, but not blending it out would just leave obvious streaks on your face and trust us, those will look us horrendous in pictures. We all know how boring and monotonous blending can be, but it’s absolutely crucial to avoid those harsh lines.

Overdoing your highlight – 

Contouring Mistakes

Photo: Beverly Hills MD

You can’t contour without highlighting as it’s meant to enhance certain features on your face. But too much of a good thing always leads to a whole lot of nothing and bad Instagram shots so remember to be subtle and, again, remember to blend. If you feel like all hope is lost, refer to the picture above as a quick guide!

You have too much blush on – 

Contouring Mistakes

Photo: Notes On Pretty

When contouring cheekbones, the proper placement is over the apples of your cheek and the application should be soft. And too much of blush too close to your nose can make you look like you’re sick! So if ever you happen to accidentally drag the colour too close to the sides of your nose and nostrils, use concealer to take away the tone of your blusher.

You’ve seriously got to start setting your makeup – 

Contouring Mistakes

If sweaty nights out and a melted face in this sweltering tropical heat is not motivating you to set your makeup, I implore you to do better and get that setting powder or spray ASAP. Not only would it help create a more intense contour, it will also help avoid a makeup disaster.

Time to sharpen those contouring skills, darlings.


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