Cosmetics; what are they all really about. Can they enhance our appearances or will they just simply hide everyone from who we really are.There are plenty of reasons why we – everyone chooses to make use of cosmetics, whether you try to look great and have a flawless finish for your look. We’ve all tried it do we are taken more seriously as we come across more mature in most that we do however, many don’t just use cosmetics just to look more professional at the office but to feel happier about themselves and to look and feel happy but what are cosmetics and can they even improve our image.

The simple truth is, no-matter if we use cosmetics or beauty products we still look exactly the same but hide several imperfections to our skin; we may never be taken seriously like a person with or without cosmetics it’s only a fact of life that many people will not take you seriously for numerous reasons. We all love cosmetics and the things they apparently do for us; they are able to make our skin feel and look healthy and softer appearing ski.

There are lots of cosmetic products out there for all of us to try including a quantity of lip sticks and lip glosses, creams and lotions for both our hands, feet and face beauty products and facial scrubs; fragrances that ladies adore. Nail polish for all manicured and pedicure nails; never to forget the variety of hair gels, sprays – everything associated with cosmetics and you will find there is so many choices that it can be tough to choose which is the best products to make use of from your hand lotions to create our hands softer and smoother to the fragrances which let’s be dazed by the sweet smells that people love.

The latest trend within the cosmetic surgery industry is the use of semi-permanent make up products. Semi-permanent cosmetics does apply to the eyes, lips, and the areas of the face to replace traditional constitute products. These procedures are advertised because the latest and greatest techniques for enhancing beauty and lowering the time it takes to use make up. However, are these procedures really safe? This is a closer look at semi-permanent constitute and cosmetics and what you should know prior to deciding to make your mark.

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What’s Semi-Permanent Make Up?

Semi-permanent make up application is really a relatively new procedure that requires the injection of pigmented vegetal or mineral inks in to the outer layer of the skin. The pigmented inks could be color selected to accept place of traditional constitute products. In theory, they could be used to lessen the visibility of scars, birthmarks, burns, hair loss, and irregular skin pigmentation. In many cases, however, these procedures are utilized to simply replace the conventional application of such routine cosmetics as eyeliner, lip liner, and lip color.

How’s Semi-Permanent Make Up Applied?

The use of semi-permanent make up should simply be undertaken by a licensed physician who focuses on these cosmetic procedures. Semi-permanent constitute application is an out patient method that will require a few days time to recover.

At the beginning of the procedure, a medical professional will apply a desensitizing cream towards the area that will be treated. The doctor will then use a pencil to simulate the semi-permanent constitute application. Then, utilizing a sterile needle and sterilized pigments, the practitioner will start injecting the pigment in to the dermal layer from the skin. The procedure will take between one hour to several hours.

It is possible to Recovery Period For Semi-Permanent Constitute Application?

For several days following the procedure the treated area will probably be slightly swollen and the constitute color will probably appear slightly darker than desired. Additionally, about a couple of days after the procedure an easy crust will form within the treated area. This crusty patch will require a few days to disappear. It may take as long as per week for the color to balance out and the swelling to become reduced.

How Long Does Semi-Permanent Constitute Last?

As your skin cells start to slough off and renew themselves, the injected ink will ultimately work its way to avoid it of the skin. The color from the make up will continue to fade and after around three years it will be almost unrecognizable. Actually, most practitioners recommend a “touch-up” session at least one time a year to keep the colours looking fresh.

How can i Have Semi-Permanent Make Up Applied?

Semi-permanent constitute can be applied as eyeliner, eyelash enhancement, eyebrow pencil, lip liner, and lip color.

What are the Risks Involved With Semi-Permanent Constitute?

As with any procedure that involves needles and injection, there’s considerable concern about unsafe or unhygienic procedures which may be detrimental to the health. If procedures which involve skin penetration are not managed correctly, they might transmit bacterial, fungal and infections, including HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.

Along with these health concerns, the Food and Drug Administration has issued blanket warnings to consumers considering any type of injectable dye procedure. The FDA looks like it’s concerned about the quality of pigments and color additives which are being used for these procedures. Based on the FDA, many of these dyes and pigments aren’t approved for skin contact but they are instead industrial grade, for example, “suitable for printers’ ink or automobile paint.”

Other risks related to semi-permanent make up include allergy symptoms and disfiguring scars. Semi permanent constitute can also interfere with surgical procedures such as an MRI. Additionally, semi-permanent is difficult to remove when the consumer should change their mind about the color or type of application.

The Pros and Cons of Semi-Permanent Constitute

Pros: Semi permanent constitute can be helpful to those who’re visually impaired, or for people who suffer from arthritis or any other conditions that impair the movement from the hands and fingers. Semi-permanent constitute can help individuals lessen the time it takes to use the daily constitute. It also will not wash off, and could be ideal for those who wish to appear freshly composed after showering or swimming.

Cons: Since it’s name implies, semi-permanent constitute will stick around for some time, and it cannot be washed off or easily removed. Therefore, if individual tastes change regarding colors or constitute styles, the client will need to live with their decision. Additionally, semi permanent constitute holds the same risks as tattoos and permanent constitute for complications such as infections, allergy symptoms, and the development of permanent scars.


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