DIY Homemade Hair Masks For Shiny Healthy Hair


Hair masks are integral to every good hair care routine. However, for most people hair care is limited to shampooing and application of conditioning and moisturizing agents. Just as our facial skin needs to be pampered with fruit pulps and juices, honey, milk and herbs, our hair too needs extra nourishment and care that comes in the form of hair masks.

Hair masks help in hydrating and nourishing the tresses, repairing split ends and treating common problems such as hair dryness and dandruff. You can make hair masks for dandruff and treat it naturally. DIY hair masks are the easy way out to treat dandruff. These packs not only remove dandruff and enhance hair growth, but also make your hair shiny and soft. Here are some easy and common hair masks for dandruff.

DIY Homemade Hair Masks For Shiny Healthy Hair:

Coconut and Olive Oil Mask

Coconut oil is a good anti-fungal agent, which eliminates dandruff and moisturises dry scalp. This hair masks for dandruff is also good for dry and frizzy hair. Mix coconut oil and olive oil and apply it gently from root to tip of your hair. Leave it for more than an hour, keeping hair covered with shower cap. Rinse it with a mild herbal shampoo and conditioner.

Egg Hair Mask

Egg, with its high protein content, can do wonders. It also helps in controlling dandruff. This hair pack also initiate hair growth. To make this DIY hair masks for dandruff, take white of egg and mix it with olive oil. Beat it to make a paste and apply it on the entire scalp. Keep it for 20 minutes and rinse with cool water and a mild shampoo.

Oatmeal Hair Mask

This is best for those who have an oily scalp, dandruff, scalp irritation and inflammation. This hair mask protects hair follicles by eliminating excessive oil. It results in hair growth by treating dandruff. Mix oatmeal, fresh milk, almond oil and make a paste. Put this gently on your hair. Rinse it after 20 minutes with lukewarm water. Do it twice a week.

Banana & Almond Oil Mask

Bananas and almonds are both very good for dry, damaged, weak hair and also for dandruff. Mash one banana and add about 3 drops of almond oil to it. Mix well and massage into your hair. Let it stay for about 25 minutes after which you rinse and wash your hair. What you’re left with is shiny hair and a clean scalp.

Hibiscus Hair Mask

Red hibiscus is a good anti-dandruff agent. It provides volume and bounce to your hair. To make the hibiscus mask, boil the hibiscus flowers and leaves in a water and let it cool. Drain the water and blend the flower and leaves to a paste. Add warm coconut oil to the paste and apply this paste on your scalp for 45 minutes. Rinse it with water. It also makes your hair soft and silky.

Strawberry Mask

This mask works amazing results for greasy hair. Strawberries are good at regulating oil production in the scalp and rinsing off any oil from your hair. Take a cup of strawberries (mushy, overripe ones work best), one egg yolk and 2 tablespoons of a light hair oil. Mix these well into a smooth liquid form. Work it into your hair and leave it on for only 10 minutes. Rinse and wash with a mild shampoo and flaunt your shiny, oil-free hair. So the next time don’t forget to pick some strawberries for eating and some more for this amazing mask.


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