Who doesn’t love a relaxing facial treatment?

A facial refreshes the skin and gives you a wonderful glow. Facials also serve a purpose, as we know. They help to treat acne and provide anti-aging benefits. So how frequently should you have a facial for optimum results?

This depends on many factors, including your age, skin type and overall skin condition. Facials should typically be done no more than every four to six weeks if your budget allows for it. However, if you’re on a more strict budget, then once every three months would still be very beneficial. If you are younger, your skin cells regenerate more frequently, so less facials are needed than someone in their thirties or forties. You may also want to take your location into account.

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If you live in the city where there is a higher level of pollution, then sticking to monthly facials will help prevent breakouts caused by air contaminants. Keep in mind that since facials involve exfoliation, it is possible to over do it. Having facials more often than once a month could lead to skin sensitivity. Talk with your esthetician, who can review your skin care needs and help you figure out a schedule that works best!


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