The major focus of fish foot therapy is skin exfoliation.The idea is that you soak the feet in a warm pool teemed with tiny hungry ‘doctor fishes’. The nice and cozy temperature of the water helps to ensure that nutrients don’t survive. What this means is the ravenous doctor fishes eats away dead and scaly skins softened through the warm water, revealing soft, pink, smooth and healthy skin underneath.

Relaxing Process

Fish therapy is among the best way to relax your skin. This method removes the dead skin cells naturally which treatment is therapeutic in addition to enjoyable. The fish massage causes sensation which afterwards stimulates the nerve system similarly to acupuncture treatment. It may also help in relieving the tiredness in the body and offers a form of relaxation. Fish Spa therapy provides therapeutic good things about the skin. Moreover, there’s a symbolic relationship between environment and individual and that relationship is harmony.

Natural Treatment

Fish therapy is an all natural therapy which supplies no negative effects to the skin helping to treat various damaged skin.
It’s one of the most beneficial means by order for stopping damaged skin.

Is Fish Therapy Safe and Hygienic?

Fishes will always be kept under controlled temperature, hygienic and separate tanks to be able to treat individuals with infectious skin. Ensure that you get your treatment done under trained experts and reputed spa. Spas are increasingly being ordered to seal down any fish spa treatments since the cosmetology boards have ruled in over 24 states since you can’t clean the fish, and each tool which is used on someone must be either disinfected or disposed of. We don’t need to see the fish be trashed, with their last meal being the dead skin cells from your feet! Some state that there have been no proven cases of foot fungus being went by these fish, however the possibility this could occur appears to be quite real, therefore the fishies have had to visit, at least for now.

Whenever you put the feet in the water, the fish swim as much as your feet immediately and nibble off all of the affected and dead skin cells, while leaving the healthy and young skin untouched and unharmed. Laser hair removal is painless and also tickles a bit, which makes it a very popular and fun treatment for lots of people. Now that the spas are now being forced to stop laser hair removal though, you may want to visit your nearest pond or lake to obtain a similar spa sensation. We now have also seen a trend that’s beginning to be popular where individuals are purchasing their very own nibbling fish and establishing their own home fish spas! Talk about a lavish home spa!

Fish Therapy Benefits

Skin Enhancement

To be able to look after you skin, doctor fish is among the most effective way. The advantages of doctor fish are often visible. Those who have dry, damaged or rough skin, fish naturally removes the damaged or dead skin cells leaving behind healthy skin to be able to grow. Nibbling could be a pleasant experience for all those people who get accustomed to the initial sensations. The fish pedicure removes all of the dirt and offers a deep cleansing treatment towards the skin, thus works well for regenerating the new skin. Your skin will feel smooth, healthy and revitalised following the treatment. Natural glow of your skin will come back following the treatment is done. Fish therapy also promotes blood flow, protects skin and helps make the skin from the face look more healthier and smoother.


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