Women with brown eyes can try all possible shades of eye makeup and play with different colors.There are so many makeup tricks for brown eyes all over the place, but there aren’t any lists out there.  Many people are unaware of the different ways to use makeup in order to make your eyes stand out.

While brown eyes can look good with just about any color, there are different techniques that can be used to accentuate the color in the eye. Below follow makeup tutorials for brown eyes ladies to look observed and memorable in a every occasion.


One of the best tips is to choose the color of the eyeshadow according to the eye color. You can opt for a deep brown, medium, or light or hazel color. There are many different shades of brown eyes, from deep dark brown to light browns and hazel. Some shades of brown eyes can work better to bring out the color in your eyes. For those with darker brown eyes, shades like deep greens, purples, and even a charcoal gray are excellent choices.

Eggplant Mascara

Brown mascaras, which is commonly used just like blacks, give a natural look to your eyes. Purple and related shades would help enhance brown eyes better though. Instead of wearing common black color mascara, switch colors, such as navy blue and eggplant colored mascara to help your brown eyes look brighter. Always use clear mascara and then follow it with colored ones, since clear mascaras helps to thicken lashes.

Go Neutral

If you are looking for Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes to look more natural, you can opt out neutral shades for your brown eyes. Going neutral will give you a more natural and pretty look. The shade you can choose are peach, taupes and even very light skin color. For highlighting your eyes you should apply eyeliner with these shades too. Light brown shadow can also be a great option for your brown eyes to look naturally beautiful. You can use these neutral shades in your day to day life and look gorgeous every day.


Choosing the right eyeliner is a very important aspect of eye makeup. Girls with dark or medium brown eyes should go for a black or dark brown eyeliner. Use dark brown eyeliner for the daytime and black eyeliner with black mascara at night. Girls with light brown eyes should avoid the usage of a black eyeliner. They can go for a dark brown one instead. Hazel eyes look good with bronze, violet, or dark brown eyeliner.

Avoid Muddy Lip Shades

People with brown eyes should skip muddy lip shades. For irresistible look, try red or coral shades with golden undertones. Bronze shade complements brown eyes to a good extent too. People with dark colored brown eyes can choose shades, such as cinnamon, hot red or terracotta.

Appropriate Makeup

While making efforts to make your brown eyes pop, you should also pay attention to your cheeks and lips as well. Don’t over emphasize the colors on your lips and cheeks, because this would destroy the whole look. Opt for neutral colors for such areas of your face.

Make sure that your eyes should look smudge free and clean. Experiment with different colors for your brown eyes that look classy and elegant. Try out the above Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes to get a perfect look…


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