Keep your hair happy and healthy all summer long using these natural, chemical-free methods.

We all know that summer can wreak havoc on hair’s health and appearance with faded color, frizz, and dry, damaged tips. Yet getting and keeping healthy hair in the summer couldn’t be easier! Just adapt your hair care regimen for the warmer weather with these 5 easy tips.


1) Treat yourself to a trim

Before heading into the sun or water, book yourself a simple hair trim. Your hair will be revived, less prone to knots, and better able to cope with drying heat, as well as damaging chlorine or salt water.

2) Keep your hair color longer

Got a fabulous hair color but afraid it will fade or get brassy in the sun? Treat your hair like you do your skin: If you are out in the sun, cover it up with a hat or scarf. Another way to keep your color longer is by shampooing and conditioning hair.

3) Smooth out frizz

There’s nothing worse than trying to tame frizzy hair in the summer. frizz-fighting trick is cutting back on blow-drying and straightening.

4) Try oils and healthy foods

More and more people are praising the benefits of ingredients like coconut oil for hair and skin health. Remember that what you eat has an impact, too. High-protein foods like fish, eggs, and nuts and high-oil foods like avocado are also great ways to get healthy hair.

5) Water, water everywhere

Last but definitely not least, HYDRATE! There is no better way to ensure healthy hair and skin.


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