Guide to the Best Mascara and How to apply it?


We all have one thing in common. And no, it’s not love—it’s mascara.It’s the one thing most of us can’t leave the house without applying, no matter how quickly we have to be out the door, or how little makeup we’re wearing elsewhere. That’s probably why mascara is the most challenging of beauty topics to discuss—we’re so opinionated about which we like, which we hate, and how we use it.

Guide to the Best Mascara and How to apply it?

The Formulas You Need to Know

1. Waterproof: “This formula is obviously great for swimming or working out.” “But it’s also ideal for very straight lashes. If you curl your lashes and then apply a waterproof mascara immediately after, it will dry super quickly and hold your curl longer.” Also uses it as a primer of sorts: “You can do one coat as your base, then apply your normal mascara over it.”  It will essentially give long-wear benefits to your go-to tube.

2. Tubing: No, this isn’t for summer vacation. “These mascaras create water-resistant coatings around the lashes which only come off with warm water.”  “They’re great for people whose mascara smudges easily, or who don’t want to fuss with a long removal process.”

3. Fiber: “These formulas have tiny little fibers that add volume and actually imitate the appearance of real lashes.”  “You can feather them on, so it’s great for people with thin lashes.”

The 5 Mistakes You’re Probably Making With Your Mascara

1. You’re doing too much. “Don’t apply more than two coats per eye.”  “It won’t look good.”

2. You’re skipping the curl. “This is a vital step, and if you miss it, it can cause some mascaras to make the lashes droop downwards!”

3. You’re not getting to the bottom of it. “A lot of people don’t know to get to the base of the lashes with their wands. If you focus the product on the ends, it doesn’t make lashes look longer, it makes them fall throughout the day.”

4. You rely on an old faithful. With most things makeup, it’s probably not a good idea to stick to one thing for an extended period of time. “Formulas are improving every single year.” “There’s no need for anyone to be using a mascara that clumps! Just update your tube.”

5. You’re smudging. “When mascara smudges, it’s either because of a messy application or fall-out under the eye from using a dated formula.” “It also could be from using an eye cream that’s too rich! The oils can travel up to your lash line.” Again, this is normally a sign that it’s time for an upgrade.

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Here’s How to Apply It?

Step 1: Curl your lashes

Step 2: With your mascara wand, start at the very base of the lash, lifting your eyelid slightly if you have to, and make a zig-zag motion back and forth. “This adds depth to the lash line.”

Step 3: Then, dip the brush back into the tube, hold the brush horizontally, and roll it from the base to the ends of the lashes. “If you’re prone to clumping or smudging, consider waiting a little in between each coat. “Think of it like nail polish; each coat only gets better if you give it ample time to dry.”

Step 4: Dip the brush back into the tube and blot any excess mascara off with a Kleenex. “Then, hold it vertically, and lift the lashes using just the tip of the wand.”

Step 5: Bottom mascara is always optional. You might even consider using a brown color to add subtle definition. “Either way, a tubing mascara makes the most sense on the bottom. “It won’t dry you out like waterproof, but it also won’t smudge and ruin the rest of your makeup.” If you’re really not great at it, “Get a small fan brush, coat it with mascara, and press into the lashes.” Otherwise, hold a tubing or bottom lash mascara vertically and swipe—just once!—across the lash line.


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