Foundation is a cream or liquid that covers blemishes, dark circles, black spots and other skin problems.If you may wear perfect eye makeup or lipstick, but you have a patchy like face, it will spoil everything.So, it is important to follow this step by step tutorial on How to apply foundation on face to get clear and flawless skin.

First, choose the right foundation that best suits your skin tone. The foundation gives a flawless finish to your skin. You have to select a shade lighter than your skin tone. Silicate mineral based foundation for oily skin and cream based foundation for dry skin.

Steps to apply foundation

* Wash your face and hands before applying foundation. Wash your face with a cleanser that helps to remove impurities and leave the skin clear. Apply toner by cotton that can decrease your pores and leave skin toned and firm.

* Apply a moisturizer to make your skin supple and soft, if you have a dry skin.

* Spot primer to give your skin a more even finish. And it is easier for applying the foundation.

* Apply dots of concealing around dark circles and blemishes

* Dot your face by foundation on chin, cheeks, under eyes, forehead, and neck.

* Take out foundation on backside of your fingers or wet sponge or brush. It is better to have wet sponge as it helps to blend foundation evenly on your face.

* Blend wet sponge evenly to correct the nose and face corners that will make you look perfect and give a natural finish.

* Then, blend evenly on neck in up strokes. Blend hairline and jaw line to give a natural look.

* Finally, you can blot the powder evenly to control oil secretion throughout the day.

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Some more tips to follow

* Use a moisturizer along with the foundation if you want a dewy finish. Take the foundation on the back of the hand and add a bit of moisturizer to it. Blend them together and apply to get a glowing dewy finish. It is better not to apply loose powder.

* Use a sunscreen underneath if you do not have SPF in your foundation and if you have plans to stay outdoors for long.


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