So ladies, take a look at the top ways on how to apply lip gloss easily and quickly!

Using lip gloss with finesse

Lip gloss comes in handy when you want to create a more radiant sensation. Lip gloss adds only hints of color, but be sure to apply it cleanly at the contours. A careless application can spoil the intended impression by blurring and looking oily.

How to apply lip gloss

A few playful variations with gloss can greatly change the appearance of the lips. Let’s see a few gloss techniques with pleasing effects.

Professional lip gloss tips

Apply to the center of lips only

Apply gloss only to the center of the lips over your lipstick.

Especially when generously applied at the center of the lower lips, a coat of gloss makes the lips appear fuller without impairing the contours.

If you prefer matte and creamy textures, apply gloss lightly in the center only for a plumper effect.

Lip liner and gloss

After tracing the lip contours with lip liner, a light coat of gloss will highlight the contours and preserve the clean lines.

If you prefer natural, unadorned colors combined with beautiful contours, try lip liner and gloss in combination.

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Using lipstick for accents on top of gloss

Gloss the lips completely, then apply a lipstick with defined coloration to the center of the lips. With this technique, the lipstick color seems to radiate out naturally from the center.


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