Professional makeup artists use makeup to conceal scars making the skin look blemish-free.Whether scarring is minor or severe, professional makeup techniques could make your skin look clear.
Even large birthmarks could be concealed when you use the best makeup and application techniques. Ladies with severe scars either from acne or perhaps an injury can feel nervous about their looks. While a scar is really a necessary part of our body’s healing process, it’s definitely a bummer with regards to looking beautiful. Don’t worry, with the right makeup you are able to camouflage a severe scar very well.

How to Apply Makeup to Cover Scars

In the multitude of miraculous formulas towards the professional makeup base tools all bring about the flawless effect in our look. Purchasing some top quality beauty tools and merchandise will prove to be the initial step towards perfecting our complexion. After you have hold of these should have items it’s time to follow some fundamental principles on how to hide scars with makeup in some steps.

First of all it is strongly advised to apply a nourishing moisturizer towards the face and implicitly the scar. This is actually the trick that would soften the top of your complexion and allows the proper and uniform use of the makeup base, Both severe and acne scars might are usually flaky and hard stripping off any makeup products.

Select a lotion that is full of Vitamin E this will preserve the health of the spot flawless and wouldn’t clog the pores be responsible for other severe damages.Because of the soothing effect of the vitamin the inflammation and also the eye-popping effect of the scar is going to be efficiently minimized.

The next thing is to use preferably a liquid concealer than will blend the scar in to the overall look, by balancing the inequalities from the surface of the skin. The tiny holes will appear reduced and the optic effect from the beauty flaw will decrease.


Just like the concealer, select a foundation from a professional makeup line for the greatest coverage. Choose a foundation that closely matches your skin tone. For those who have difficulty choosing the right colour of foundation, ask the salesperson in the makeup counter for advice. You can buy foundations with corrective color undertones for further skin color correction.

Use the foundation over your entire face, utilizing a cosmetic sponge. Use a small amount of foundation at a time and just use enough to create your skin look smooth and scar-free. An excessive amount of foundation looks obvious and may make scars appear worse. Blend the foundation well around your neckline there is no distinguishable mark between your color of your face and also the color of your neck.


Powder may be the last step for scar coverage. The powder sits dormant to camouflage scars, but is quite used to set makeup in order that it stays put and doesn’t smear. The powder also gets eliminate the shiny appearance on skin caused through the concealer and foundation. Make use of a loose translucent powder for any natural look.
Brush around the translucent powder, utilizing a large powder brush. Apply enough powder to create your foundation look matte (not shiny). In case your face becomes shiny during the day, blot the excess oil off your face using rice paper sheets.

Body Scars

Cover scars in your body using the same makeup techniques employed for your face. The only difference is that you simply should use professional makeup created for use on the body. Body concealers and foundations in many cases are waterproof and are stronger. They stay put better and don’t rub off as easily as face makeup does, that is important since makeup around the body tends to be subjected to more rubbing.

Makeup Tips To Cover Burn Scars

Burns generally leave an awful scar behind. Some scars take more time than others to dissolve. Some scars remain raised and discolored. Those that are of concern are the type on the face, neck, arms etc. Despite the fact that cosmetic surgery is the quick and permanent solution, there are several ways to conceal burn scars with cosmetics as well. Special cosmetics are formulated to cover up and conceal burn scars, birthmarks, moles etc. The idea is to conceal the scars by changing the colour of the scar to combine with skin color.

Have a thick Concealer matching your skin tone

Compare several brands before selecting one. Be sure you buy concealers specially designed for burn scars or any other skin defects, brands like Covermark and Dermablend are suggested. Thick concealers which suit your skin tone will work the best. Extra light toned concealers will reveal your scars much more. Purchase professional concealers, simply because they contain more pigment which supplies better coverage compared to ones from the pharmacy store.

Concealers with green hue undertones are great for covering blackish red scars and mauve hue undertone concealers to great to cover blueish scars. Use the concealer over the scars. Have a small amount of concealer and dab it within the scar using the make-up sponge or applicator to combine it all over the skin all around the scar. You should use your fingers if you discover it easier, but generally an applicator blends the very best.

Work on the texture

Utilizing a small amount of concealer at any given time, work on covering the scar in small sections. This should help you get a better coverage. But bear in mind not to use an excessive amount of concealer, it can make the scar look puffed, that will in turn draw much more attention to it.


Similarly such as the concealer and color corrector, choose professional make-up line foundation, matching your skin tone. Ask the salesperson to inform you foundations with corrective color undertones for further skin tone makeover. After the concealer continues to be properly applied, apply foundation all around the surrounding skin. Use the make-up sponge to use instead of your hands. Apply only required quantity of foundation to make your skin look smooth. An excessive amount of foundation will give you that unnatural glow which can make the scar(s) look more distinguished.


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