Master these amazing new ways to do your lashes.

Mascara enhances the expression of the eyes in a natural way. Women everywhere rely on mascara as a makeup staple and quintessential item for virtually any occasion – from natural, nude makeup to full evening or party makeup. This page presents a few tips and tricks for achieving a beautiful mascara finish without smudging or clumping.


How to apply mascara

  • Mascara should be applied thoroughly from the roots to the lashes towards the tip. Take a small amount of mascara liquid and start at the base of your upper lashes. Wiggle the wand left to right as you move it up your lashes to prevent clumping and separate the lashes.
  • For lashes you want to accent (at the inner corner, at center of the eye, etc.), hold the brush vertically (pointing up) and apply the liquid to every lash separately.
  • When applying several coats of mascara, wait for the liquid to dry before each coat. If you apply the mascara to one eye at a time, the lashes will be nicely highlighted after the second application.
  • If you apply mascara to the lower lashes (you need not), note that the lower lashes are sparser and shorter than the upper lashes, and take more finesse. Carefully cover every lash with mascara liquid, from the root to the tip.
  • To stop the mascara from smudging, lightly powder the lower eyelid before applying eye makeup, especially if you use a liquid or cream foundation. Waterproof mascaras or mascara that easily rinses away with hot water (available from LUNASOL and SENSAI) are a good choice when you want to avoid smudging.
  • The mascara may clog if you leave the dispenser open, so be sure to replace the cap after every use. Do not pump the wand in and out of the bottle. This will only push air into the tube and dry out the mascara faster.

Do I need to use a mascara base?

A mascara base substantially increases lash volume. But be careful: Mascara base is transparent, so be sure to spread the base evenly over the lashes. When base is applied unevenly, mascara can gather and clog at the tips of the lashes. If you use a mascara base, apply only one coat of mascara.

Types of mascara

Volumizing mascara

  • Main feature: Thickens the lashes by thoroughly coating them, one by one.

Lengthening mascara

  • Main feature: Emphasizes the length of the lashes.

Curling mascara

  • Main feature: Maintains the curl of the lashes.

Waterproof mascara

  • Main features: Resists smudging due to tears, sweat, rain and other forms of moisture. Usually requires a special mascara remover.

The hidden secret of mascara: The brush

The formulation of the mascara liquid and the shape of the brush change the mascara effect in various ways. Kanebo has developed a variety of advanced brushes that maximize the effect of the mascara liquid. The next time you purchase a mascara, try out the brush that comes with the product to see how it influences the mascara effect.

The Tale Of Mascara Wands: Things You Need To Know

Using an eyelash curler

The curl effect can be improved by using an eyelash curler before applying mascara and mascara base.

Twirl the lashes in the curler three times: once at the roots, once in the middle, and finally at the tips. Be sure to twirl gently, as excessive force can pluck the lashes. Grasp the lashes with the curler without pinching the eyelid, and press. Repeat the same steps several tim


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