How much of a difference does the extra step make?

A lip liner not only emphasizes the lip contours, it will also make the lips look fuller and improve the lipstick hold without clogging or smudging.

How to choose the lip liner color

For the lip liner color, select a shade close to the lipstick. A color too pale will blur the lip contours and prevent the rendering of clean lines.

Lip liners come in various shapes, with thick or slender cores. When selecting, consider your preferences and the finish you would like to achieve. Apply lightly, making sure that the tip of the core never veers away from the lip contours you plan.

How To Apply Lip Gloss

How to apply lip liner

Highlight the lip contours by drawing lines from the highest parts in the center of your lip down to the corners of the mouth. Make sure that the lip contours on the left and right are symmetrical.

Final check : Take one last look in the mirror to confirm that the lines do not unnaturally protrude the natural lip line when you smile or talk.

* If the lines aren’t perfectly symmetrical on both sides, conceal uneven parts with foundation and correct with lip liner.


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