How To Choose The Right Lipstick


Step aside, gloss. Lipstick is back in a big way, making mouths look strong, rich, and thoroughly refined. Here, the rules for doing lipstick right, right now.

Red lips have always been seen as the quintessence of female beauty. Yet lipstick, the classic makeup items, can be difficult to use with flawless results. With so many lipsticks to choose from, women find it daunting to select the best color and texture for their complexion.

  • The choice of the right color can be tricky. Haven’t you made the experience of shopping for a new color and ending up with substantial collections of lipsticks in the same color range?.
  • The texture of a lipstick –matte or gloss, stick or liquid type–can dramatically change the finish and impression. Selecting the best texture match for a person’s complexion is no easy feat.

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Color selection

To find your ideal and versatile lip color palette, try to choose the colors that go best with your skin tone and the final image you hope to achieve.

The following guidelines illustrate how the right shades can make your skin look more radiantly beautiful.

White skinRose, red
Olive toneBrown, red, etc.
Warm skin toneOrange, reddish brown
Cool skin tonePink, purple

When you want to try out a new shade:

To keep a natural look when trying a new color, go for a tone close to the natural color of your skin. Remember that a lipstick brighter than your natural color may have a dulling effect on your complexion. A contrasting color is often wise.

One-point advice
Any lipstick color with a bluish tone can dull the complexion. To brighten up your face, apply a touch of blusher around the lips.

Texture selection

Lipsticks with defined coloration and a moist, creamy finish are currently very popular, but there are many more different textures to choose from, depending on your preferences or the occasion.

Textures range from matte type lipsticks which long-lasting colors to gloss type products with sheer, translucent coloration.

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Creamy lipsticks

The cream lipstick is ideal for women who seek defined coloration and have little time for makeup touch-up during the day.

Creamy textures are a good choice for women with full lips, as they make the lips look firmer and tauter.

When wearing a lipstick with good coloration and relatively low translucence, try adding a touch of blusher to the cheeks to round off the color.

Sheer lipsticks

Satin or sheer lipsticks make the lips appear fuller and plumper. This makes them the perfect choice for women who want to add dimension to their lips.

Due to the reflection of the light, the colors of sheer lipsticks appear more subdued and natural. If you love red lipsticks, but prefer to keep the color subtle and natural, try a sheer lipstick in red.

Selecting the best texture for your age

The color and tone of the lips may diminish with passing years. If you feel your lips have lost color, try a lipstick with good coloration instead of a sheer or gloss type.

Applying a lipstick

Before application:

Before you apply lipstick, accentuate your lip contours with foundation or concealer. This will bring about a beautiful finish even without a lip liner.

If you want to adjust your lip contour, apply foundation as thinly as possible over the area you want to cover. Thickly applied foundation may peak through the lipstick with the frequent movement of the lips, which will not look very flattering.

An undercoat of lip essence or balm will improve the lipstick color, prevent dryness, and hide vertical lines.

Accentuate your lip contours!

Well defined contours are key when using a lipstick with strong coloration.

The secret of beautiful contours is a lip brush. Professional makeup artists will coat the brush with lipstick to the roots and carefully arrange the bristles before applying. If you are using a lipstick with strong coloration, make sure to apply the lipstick all the way into the lip corners for a sophisticated, beautiful finish.

For best results, use a lip liner to accentuate the lip contours and improve the lipstick hold.

One-point advice
Color is especially important at the center of the lips. Apply an extra bit of lipstick at the center for a fuller, plumper appearance.


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