Well I don’t want this to sound ridiculous but, girls, I assure you this method works like magic!

As simple it is, this natural and cheap home remedy helped me overcome major problems with my nails. For years, I’ve had embarrassing nails that would never grow, not even a 0.5 millimeter, and if they did, they break very quickly.

Nails strength is often related to health and diet issues, and I admit, I have a very poor diet, since I’m not really fond of veggies haha.

Despite all this, it’s been two years now since I discovered the secret to grow long and strong nails very fast.

So Lets Begin the Journey of How To Grow Longer and Stronger Nails Naturally

It all started with a basic research thanks to which I learned that nails, just like hair, are made of keratin, and the best nutritient that can promote a healthy growth as well as keratin strengthening and protection is vitamin E.

I also learned from my grandma that garlic has strong anti-bacterial/anti-fungal/anti-inflammatory properties. She told me to use it on my hair if I want it to grow really long (but I didn’t because I couldn’t stand the smell LOL).

So, anyway, At first, I decided to start by rubbing a piece of garlic directly onto my nails, and after a couple of times, I felt a difference in my nails strength and texture. However, I really found this method very messy and not that practical. So I decided to make my own garlic oil instead!

At home, we never run out of  extra virgin olive oil. There are always gallons of it stored in huge containers, we receive them  directly from our relatives’ farm. Therefore, I combined the two cheap ingredients that are always available in my kitchen. I grabbed an empty nail polish bottle, and I filled it with olive oil. Then I just cut one clove of garlic (yeah just ONE) and dropped the little chunks inside the bottle.


I left it for a couple of days, so that the garlic releases its essence into the oil, and indeed, after a few days, the smell was very strong when I opened the bottle.

I applied this to my nails just like nail polish whenever I felt like it (not regularly, but quite often, no less than twice a week) and believe me, after a couple of applications my nails were growing significantly!!

The secret is that olive oil is rich in vitamin E, and combined with garlic’s properties, it nourishes the nails as well as the cuticles, and makes them stronger and more resistant to breaking, hence they can start growing and maintaining their length.

It’s not only that! Thanks to the awful smell, you won’t be biting your nails as long as you have this stinking  garlic oil on them haha 😀  This  helped me a lot, since I used to bite my nails all the time, but now I completely quit that bad habit 🙂

So, go to your kitchen and grab some oil (not necessarily olive oil, you can use almond or argan oil as well), and a single clove of garlic. This is cheap, easy, very effective, and lasts FOREVER! In fact, olive oil keeps the whole thing from going bad, so you will be using this bottle for about a year without having to change it/refill it.

I hope this helped! See you in the next post 🙂


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