When you hit the streets, are you hoping to appear chic and elegant? Style is always changing but class is forever. Check out these foolproof tips for how to look classy.

The style is changing but class is forever. When it comes to our fashion tips, we’re usually trying to master a particular style or trend, but for this lifestyle lesson, we’re adopting an aura.

When you’re attempting to look classy, it’s more than mastering a trend or styling a particular boot. If you’re looking to revamp your wardrobe and your style to look classier, here are a few tips to get you there!

How to Look Classy… Style an All Black Outfit

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A quick way to looking classy is by styling an all-black outfit. Monochromatic looks are definitely a trend that’s in, and an all-black look will not only make you look classy but also timeless.

How to Look Classy… Buy Longer Jackets

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Not only do midi length jackets work with almost any outfit (like in this picture), but they also work exceptionally well with dresses.

How to Look Classy… Ditch the Skinnies

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You might love how your skinny jeans look, but you don’t have to compromise too much on the silhouette. The great thing about slim fit trousers is that they are fitted through the thigh until the knee. They won’t sit tightly against your calves like your skinny jeans, but their fitted appearance will still create that nice silhouette.

How to Look Classy… Trade in Rounded Shoes

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Rounded shoes are a thing of the past! If you want a sure way to look classy, then you’re going to have to ditch the rounded heels for pointy toe pumps! Rounded shoes might be more comfortable, but pointed shoes are definitely sexier and classier.

How to Look Classy… Wear Gloves

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One quick and surefire way to look classy is with a pair of gloves. Not only will this look give you Parisian vibes, but you’ll also be channeling Jackie O. For an edgier look, pair wrist length gloves with ¾ sleeves as shown here.

How to Look Classy… Wear Oversized Glasses

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For an even classier look with Jackie O. vibes, you can’t forget about your sunglasses. Wearing sunglasses are mysterious, and if you’re looking for a classier version of this, make sure they’re black and oversized.

How to Look Classy… Opt for Tea Skirts

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When it comes to skirts, it’s often that we’ll see women decked out in pencil skirts or even maxi skirts. For a more feminine and classier look, tea skirts are the fashion way to go. These skirts are romantic and depending on their style and color pattern, they’re chic at the same time. This outfit is the perfect example of a classy outfit styled with a tea skirt.

How to Look Classy… Ditch the Shoulder Bag

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Another way to keep your looks and outfits classy is by ditching the shoulder bag. Sure, it might be easier and more convenient to carry your handbag around on your shoulder but not when you’re hoping to look classy.

How to Look Classy… Invest in a Timepiece

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Nothing says you’re classy better than a watch. Investing in a timepiece is a quick way to look classy. When someone wears a watch, it automatically says that they’re important and have places to go.


How to Look Classy… Wear Simple Jewelry

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Two words that we used to explain what you don’t want in your timepiece is showy and gaudy and the same could be said for your other jewelry. You might be tempted to pair your classy outfits with statement pieces, but this is a faux pas.

How to Look Classy… Use Neutral Nail Polish

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One thing you’ll notice about classy women is that they rarely have a bold color nail polish. It’s all about neutrals! When deciding on your nail polish, the best colors to choose from are shades of tan and light pinks. Don’t worry! If you’re feeling particularly bold, you can still get away with a bright red!

How to Look Classy… Wear Natural Makeup

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Makeup is fun, but there’s one thing to know about makeup when you’re hoping to achieve a classy look. Less is more! When playing with makeup, you might be planning to throw some blue or green eyeshadow onto your lid, but you should definitely stay away from those colors if you’re creating a classier look.

How to Look Classy… Wear Nude Lipstick

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If you haven’t noticed the trend by now, we’ll help you find it! One of the biggest “trends” when creating a classic look is remembering that less is more and neutrals rule the world. Working parallel with wearing natural makeup, if you decide to be a bit bolder with your eye makeup, definitely go with a neutral lip. A nude or neutral lip can work with any makeup look, but it can help tone down a bold look.

How to Look Classy… Walk Tall & With Confidence

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This is the ultimate rule when it comes to being classy. While all the above tips will help your wardrobe and style appear classy, what about your aura? In order to truly look classy, you have to be confident in yourself and what you’re wearing! When you hit your own life runway, walk with pride like Angelina! From her facial expression and even her strut, you can tell that this classy mother, actress, and philanthropist is confident in herself and you should be as well!

This is another lesson for the books! Like most fashion trends and styles, it can usually come down to a science. These above tips should help you gain that classy wardrobe that you’re after. By using them and remembering to be confident, you’ll soon have others looking to you for tips on how to look classy!

In the comments below, let us know what other lifestyle tips you’re looking for!


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