Have you long been fighting against acne on your chest, back, and lower body? Body acne is super annoying and like you, we also hate it! So, in this post, we’ve come up with some preventive measures as well as some effective treatments that can help you get rid of this maddening issue:


How To Prevent Body Acne

Prevention is always far better than cure. Hence, let’s start with the most feasible as well as effective ways to prevent body acne. Here we go:

  • Forget skintight athletic clothing and move to loose, airy, floaty, apparels that represent soft and delicate styles. It will let your skin breathe. According to a clinical study, the friction and irritation caused by a fabric tightly seated onto the skin can trigger body acne to a treat extent. If you have an acne-prone skin, clothes made of natural fibers like cotton will be the best choice for you.
  • Once you are done with your gym session, take the sweaty shirt or top off immediately. Dermatologists recommend getting out of the gym attire and taking a shower within 5 minutes after finishing the workout. Otherwise, keep a pack of cleaning wipe (infused with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide) handy. These reduce the chances of developing bacteria on the skin, which is essential to avert body acne.
  • Pick cleansers or scrubbers that are specifically designed for sensitive skin. These will not cause any sort of irritation, thereby preventing the occurrence of body acne.
  • Those who have super dry skin are often found to develop body acne. So, always keep your skin hydrated by applying an oil-free, non-comedogenic moisturizer.
  • Try to minimize your sun exposure in order to steer clear of body acne. The heat and rays of the sun might worsen the condition of your skin and lead to severe breakouts irrespective of the season of the year.
  • Never ever skip your sunscreen or sunblock while going outside. It should be oil-free and come with SPF 30 or more to provide maximum protection. Also, avoid sunscreens that lack zinc oxide and have a gritty texture as they might clog your pores and cause body acne.


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  • Carrying a backpack for too long can lead to back acne due to sweat accumulation at your back. Try to go for some feasible alternatives to it, if possible.
  • Reconsider your diet as there are certain foods responsible for breakouts. Regular sugar, syrup, soda, candies, fried items, over-processed items, dairy products, and simple carbs should be replaced with fresh fruits and veggies, leafy greens, lean proteins, whole grains, etc. to avoid body acne.
  • A good night’s sleep is essential for maintaining the normal functionalities of our endocrines glands and keeping hormonal breakouts away.
  • Reduce your stress levels as much as possible by practicing yoga, meditation, pilates, etc.

How To Treat Body Acne

Well, sometimes we just become clueless about why we are breaking out even after taking so many precautions. For those frustrating moments, a truly effective treatment work as the only solution. Check out the ways:

  • Consult with your dermatologist to find out the potential causes of your body acne. It will help you opt for the right treatment methods accordingly.
  • Topical treatments like a medicated body wash containing beta hydroxy acid (BHA) or an OTC cream with 1% hydrocortisone might offer positive results.
  • Discuss with your doctor about oral treatments for acne and give them a try to kill pimples from inside.
  • Going natural always work and it is true for body acne too. There are lots of kitchen ingredients, herbs, and other simple substances that can beat those little demons effortlessly.

Natural Remedies To Prevent And Treat Body Acne

  • Tea Tree Oil: Being a strong anti-bacterial agent, it can destroy acne-causing bacteria very effectively. Either apply a few drops of diluted tea tree oil to the breakouts or simply use a skincare product containing tea tree oil.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV): It is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and pH corrector that balances the acid content of our body and prevent acne naturally. Both consumption and topical application of diluted ACV work for this.
  • Aspirin: Crush 3 aspirin tablets into fine powder, mix it with 2 tablespoons of ACV, and apply to the affected areas regularly. It is highly effective for fast acne reduction.
  • Green Tea: Brew a cup of fresh green tea, cool it down and pour it into an empty spray bottle. Dilute it by adding (1/2) cup of water and spray onto the affected part of the body every time you are done with your bathing. Being loaded with antioxidant, it controls both dryness and sebum production.
  • Cucumber: Make a smooth paste of a raw cucumber and spread it all over the troubled parts of the body as a mask. After 20 minutes, wash off with cold water. It will unclog your pores and cleanse your skin deeply.
  • Orange Peel: As orange peel is rich in vitamin C and citric acid, it will kick your body acne away easily. Make a paste by mixing water with orange peel powder and apply it to the acne twice every day.

Now, it is easy to say ‘NO’ to body acne. Isn’t it?


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