There is an easy way to spot a fake Juicy Couture handbag selling online.
Many people would wonder How come, we see what seems to be the same bag products selling for $50.00 or less.
To start with. Real Cowhide leather is very expensive. So the price is the first indicator. There is no way you can make a bag with real leather for $50 or less. On the other hand. The fake leather is cheap.

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Some web sites are selling FAKE Juicy Couture. Those fakes do look almost the same. But they are made of PU or PV Synthetic leather (Fake Leather). Which will fall apart after using the bag. Just wear that bag for two times and you will see the fake leather starting to peal off. Plus, they will not offer any returns. They will not accept credit cards or PayPal.

Points On How to spot a fake Juicy Couture handbag

Real Bag

1. Every real Juicy Couture bag made since 2005 that has a metal clasp attaching the opening of the two far ends of the bag will always be Heart Shaped clasps .
If the clasp is NOT heart-shaped, it is fake.

2. Every real Juicy Couture bag has a 9-digit ID on the reverse side of the pink label inside the bag.
If the bag does NOT have the 9-digit ID on the reverse side of the label, it is FAKE.

Fake bags:

1. Not made out of real leather.
They’re made of PVC leather or “fake leather”

2. Smells like chemicals because of the paint and PVC
Pictures won’t give you a smell, but the bag will look extremely shiny. Real leather doesn’t shine so much.

3. Inner cloth is NOT soft cotton.
The fake bags have a nylon lining inside which is course and rough. Again, pictures won’t help you here.

So keep mind these points while buying your juicy handbag.


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