All over the world people have different views on the existence of their life, the afterlife and other mysteries which engulf our thoughts.But what all philosophies and scholars tell us is to think positive.
For a while I used to think that positive thinking comes from within, but of late I have realized that its things in our surroundings and the way we carry ourselves that help us break the shackles of sadness. Lets find out how to think positive everyday and be happier.

Ways to feel positive:

1. Get up, Dress up, show up!
Laziness has never done wonders for anybody. So first thing you do is get up early in the morning. Have a walk and shower and wear clean clothes. These steps will energize you for whats to come throughout the day.
2. Don’t check out other peoples social links:
Now don’t get me wrong here sweeties. What I am trying to say is that if you catch yourself up checking out other peoples stuff on Facebook or the like, and feel a sense of sadness then it has to stop. By the way Facebook and other social media is just a way to showoff and most people post whats best happening. Who knows maybe its even untrue. So keep the stalking to a minimum.
3.Go Out!
You are definitely missing out on a beautiful sunny morning, a stroll, an ice-cream…and the list goes on. Just go outside and enjoy your day. Maybe something inspires you.
4. Cook and Arts and Craft!
Some people find solace in cooking. Its therapeutic they say..(I am one of them.)  Others find arts and craft the way to ultimate happiness and positivity. Just find your hobby and splash it in your life.
5. Speak nicely to others and be kind!
Being mean is not cool. Even if somebody is nasty to you, doing a tit for tat wont make things merry. Instead just brushing off the dust and sparkling to your best is the key!!


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