With the right style, you can wear ankle boots without looking short and stumpy.

Because of their flexibility, stylish and straightforward style, ankle boots are absolutely one of the most versatile shoes every girl should own. And this guide How To Wear Boots Stylishly? will help you make the right choice.

1. Wear Ankle Boots with a Skirt or Dress

Miranda Kerr

When choosing to wear ankle boots with a skirt or dress, it is important that the length of the skirt or dress fall at mid-thigh, to make the legs look slim and trim. Typically, the shorter the skirt or dress is, the longer the legs will look especially with a pair of black tights. However, wearing a dress or skirt that is long will make the legs look shorter. To make the legs look even longer, choose a stiletto type heel.

Perfect style for young and bold girls who know how to look good and get what they want. Miranda Kerr definitely knows her strength and is not afraid to pair these statement boots with a short skirt casual outfit.

Short dress goes very well with ankle boots. This style makes your legs seem longer thanks to the bare skin exposure, and gives you a nice vibe without looking overdressed (which is the risk you might run when pairing a short dress with stilettos, for instance). The result is a perfect balance between comfort and beauty.

Via - fashion gum.com
Via – fashion gum.com

If you want to have a professional look, wear a flirty floral dress and a solid colored blazer that matches one of the colors in the dress with a pair of neutral colored ankle boots. To make an edgy after work look, add some jewelry and lose the blazer.

Wearing ankle boots with a skirt or a dress can be fun and leaves lots of room for creativity. Try a few outfits out and see what comes of it.

2. Ankle Boots with Jeans or Leggings

Rosie Huntington Whiteley
Rosie Huntington Whiteley

When wearing ankle boots with pants or leggings, it is important to remember black is slimming, lengthening, and flattering. Therefore, black boots should be paired with black leggings or tights. Jeans should be dark wash for a more figure forgiving look. When wearing ankle boots with pants or leggings, one needs just the right outfit to give the legs a long slim look.The following are some sleek styles for wearing jeans or leggings with ankle boots:

Eva Mendes
Eva Mendes

3. Ankle Boots with Shorts

Boots and shorts make a cute outfit despite the fact that they’re not a conventional pair. Some people like to categorize boots as cold weather staples while shorts are meant to live in warm weather wardrobes. Because of this, wearing the two together just doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense.

Ankle Boots with Shorts

Shorts and ankle boots are a tricky combination to pull off. Remember, the wider the boot is around the ankle, the slimmer your legs will look. Always Wear cuffed shorts in warm weather with a loose tank top.

For a casual look, slip into flat ankle boots in suede leather. Cut off an old pair of jeans into hot shorts and throw on a poncho for a rodeo look!

This guide will help you incorporate ankle boots into any style and outfit and will make you look interesting and unique. Do not be afraid to experiment and try new looks for yourself, as these booties are timeless.


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