The latest trend all women are obsessing over this wedding season is hair accessories. After all, if your outfit it fit for a princess, why not wear an intricate headpiece as well?This trend is a great mix of old and contemporary styles and can add a royal touch to even the dullest of outfits. But hair ornaments are not for everyone!

Check out our tips for how to wear matha pattis for any occasion?

1)  Whatever you decide to wear, always make sure that the ornaments are in accordance with the size of your forehead, especially when it comes to matha pattis and tikas. Choose a piece that will compliment your face structure so that the accessories do not overpower your entire look. Remember, you have to wear the accessory, the accessory should not be wearing you.

2)  The placement of the hair ornaments is crucial, as is securing it in that position. No one wants a jhoomar swinging across your eyes while you dance! Black bobby pins will your best friend — use them generously to hold your hair ornaments in place.

3)  The decision to whether let your hair down or keep it tied should depend on how intricate your headpiece is. If it had a lot of dangling beads or jewels, it is advisable to tie your hair up to prevent it from getting tangled into the headpiece.

The best part about this hair trend is that those who cover their heads can adopt it as well! Another way to add a new twist to the conventional hair styling it by placing the matha patti on one side of the head to make it serve as both a patti and a jhoomar. The trend was rife at recent fashion events in Pakistan and looks both elegant and edgy at the same time.

But if you feel that tikas or matha pattis aren’t really your thing, do not worry!  There is huge variety of things we can use as hair ornaments. Girls across Pakistan have been fixing chunky necklaces, dangly earrings and even artificial flowers into their manes to liven up their look, from head to toe.

Tip for wear math pattis into your daily outfits

Matha Pattis are usually worn by brides in asian country like India and Pakistan or by those attending weddings but you can actually incorporate this chic trend into your daily outfits as well. Of course you won’t be rocking the same heavily adorned gold and silver matha pattis when heading out for coffee with friends. But to rock head pieces on an everyday basis, start looking at your jewelry collection instead of going directly to the market to buy new ones.


Every girl has a few charm necklaces or some real sparkly diamanté — encrusted ones. These are perfect for wearing as head pieces.  Simply place the necklace on your forehead, secure with bobby pins on both sides, poof up your hair and voila, instant glam! If you’re a bit more daring then you could even use stretchable bow head bands that are all the rage due to Gossip Girl a few years ago, as head pieces. Adjust the bow towards the side instead of the middle and you’ll be good to go. Just make sure your head band is stretchable enough that it doesn’t pinch your forehead unnecessarily.


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