How You Can Get Your Foundation To Last From Morning Till Night


Fed up with foundation that flakes off before the day is done? Help is here with these top tips and tricks for flawless makeup that lasts!

Let’s “face” it, griping and grumbling from our greasy complexioned friends aside, there’s more mattifying stuff on the market than there are solutions for dry skin.

Makeup Tips for Sensitive Skin

Even worse, the flaking that’s par for the course for parched skin can make foundation application seem well nigh impossible. Happily, faking flawless skin with makeup needn’t be a futile endeavour, if you follow these top tips and tricks:

Tip #1:

Forestall flakiness by going back to basics, starting from the shower. The best thing you can do to prevent peeling? Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate – but be smart about selecting your scrub.

Why You Need Exfoliate for Younger Looking Skin

Proceed with caution if you have very tender skin, as the debriding properties of “natural” exfoliants like apricot seed kernels may prove too astringent for your particular skin type; when in doubt, ask for a sample for patch testing before committing to a purchase. Your cleanser of choice should boast the itsy-bitsiest beads possible.

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Tip #2:

One down, two to go. Once you’ve stepped out of the shower, seal in all the goodness by topping up immediately with an industrial-strength hydrator. Reach for a plumping primer with moisture-locking properties. Massage a generous glob over your serum(s), using careful circular motions to buff away bits of dull, dead skin.

Tip #3:

You should be plenty pleased with how mighty good your skin is looking now. On to foundation proper. First, an important note about formulation: Steer clear of powdery talc in your cosmetics, which can come off as chalky on already bone-dry skin.


Instead, reach for richer balms that do double-duty as an emollient shield over your sensitive skin.

Oh, and invest in a flat brush for lacquering on your makeup base; the sleek bristles tempers tugging and tearing of your skin. And you’re done: Flake-free and fabulous for the day ahead. You can thank me by sharing this story with your beauty buddies.


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