It’s the best sleeping position though.

We like to think that a nutritious diet, lots of water, and a nice layer of SPF are all we need to keep our skin looking healthy and fresh. But did you know, some of your daily habits and routines could actually ruin your skin? Apparently, everyone in this world could be committing one of the biggest (and most surprising!) skin no-no’s, which is sleeping on your side.

We know, it’s our favourite sleeping position too.

According to Skin Repair Expert, Lorena Öberg, lying on your side while you sleep can cause your skin to create small folds on your body, which can lead to premature wrinkles. That’s why some lines are called sleep lines. You can get them when you crunch your face against a pillow.

Worth A Like

If you’ve been noticing a less than glowing complexion staring back at you in the mirror, it is safe to assume that filling the small folds with midnight snacks will not help fight against wrinkles. It’s best to sleep on your back, although most people find this difficult.

A few tricks to avoid sleep lines is to get satin pillowcases as opposed to the usual cotton pillowcases. The face slides against the satin pillowcase so that it doesn’t crunch against it, and no sleep lines are formed. Beauty sleep pillows are also an option, they are made with a special foam and have a unique shape which helps alleviate pressure on the face.


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