Japanese hot stone facial massage is excellent to achieve beautiful and radiant skin.It helps in removing the wrinkles and brings the natural glow back to the skin.
The smooth heated gemstones with healing properties are used to tone the facial muscles. The beautiful heated pi stones are used as facial tools to relax and diminish the facial lines and disperse accumulated tension. Shoulders and neck muscles too are rolled out to relieve of tension. The overall effect is relaxing and is visible. This massage if done on a regular basis is an excellent cure against wrinkles and stagnation. If combined with a full body massage then it gives amazing effect Japanese hot stone facial massage also energizes the nervous system to increase blood circulation.


Japanese Hot Stone Facial Massage was made and designed by Shogo Mochizuki, one of Japan’s leading educators of Shiatsu and Japanese Massage. Laser hair removal uses traditional Asian stones known in Japan as yen stones. (Known in China as Pi stones). Yen means, ’rounded disk shape having a hole.’ Traditionally many Japanese types of currency were produced in this shape. For this reason these stones share the name yen using the modern day currency.

Features of Heaven Stones

Versatile Shape

Throughout the creation of Japanese Hot Stone Facial Massage, Shogo attempted many types of stones with varying sizes and shapes to determine which work best. After much testing, he determined that “heaven” stones will be the superior choice. The key reason is because of the hole within their center. This central hole becomes vitally important and essential for an even application of facial massage. Instead of gripping the stones edge, which creates unnecessary tension along with a rigid application, you can put the tip of one finger in to the hole. This technique allows very precise, nearly effortless control and very fluid gliding. Guiding heaven stones in this way insure that you automatically comply with the natural contours from the client’s face.

Smooth Flowing Heat and simple to Clean

Unlike basalt stones, ‘heaven’ stones are highly polished to insure an even application and create the feeling of flowing heat. Other stones can be challenging to clean as they often absorb oil or any other products. ‘Heaven’ stones are non-absorptive so that they help conserve facial product making clean up quick and easy.

Healing Stone

”Heaven” stones are made of gemstones, which retain heat well and therefore are believed to have healing properties. A ‘heaven’ stone’s central hole also enables you to give an entire hot stone facial massage without touching the client’s face with not the stone itself. Should you grip the edge from the stone, you are likely to contact the client’s face together with your fingertips.

Heating the Stones

The easiest method to heat the stones is by using an electric heating pad, layered with towels. The stones take approximately 10-15 minutes to heat. If you’re doing an outcall, your stones must have ample time to heat.

You should not use warm water or a crock-pot to heat these stones for the following reasons.

• It is an unsanitary method of heating. The mixture of water and warmth facilitate the multiplication and spread of bacteria. This is often especially problematic when clients have acne or facial dermatitis.
• Wet stones repel oil and facial product. It’s an unnecessary hassle to dry the stones as well as your hands each time you change stones. This creates undesirable interruption within the continuity of your treatment.
• Heaven facial disk stones are fragile and therefore are likely to break if dropped. A typical mistake when water can be used is dropping the stones in to the water and chipping or breaking them. Finally, using hot water increases the chance of accidental burns.


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