Learn How to Apply Mineral Makeup


From foundations and blushes to bronzers and eyeshadows, today’s makeup options that are available are endless.Mineral Foundation is truly an amazing concept in makeup and it may take a few tries to get it right.

However once you see the results, you will be amazed and see that it is well worth the effort. Mineral makeup is truly nothing more than loose or pressed powder. It isn’t revolutionary, safer, or unique in any meaningful way.

Begin by gathering everything you need in order to apply the mineral makeup, such as the foundation, mineral veil, blush and/or warming color or bronzer, concealer brush, all-purpose brush, and a kabuki or flat top brush. At this point you should have a already washed you face and prepped it in order to get started with the mineral makeup.

Mineral Makeup as Skin Care?

There is no research anywhere proving that mineral makeup is inherently better for skin than other types of foundation. Most of the skin care attributes ascribed to mineral makeup are distantly linked to research about zinc oxide. But zinc oxide is a standard ingredient in lots of sunscreens (and some liquid foundations or tinted moisturizers) and is not unique to mineral makeup.

Learn How to Apply Mineral Makeup


This step speaks for itself. If you are not already cleansing your face morning and night, then it’s time you start. Keeping your skin free of dirt and airborne debris is the first step toward a flawless complexion.

Applying mineral eyeshadows

Apply your mineral eyeshadow witha damp brush for maximum colour intensity and longevity. This will really bring our the luminosity in the shimmery shades and allows you to use the shadows as eyeliners too. These soft, natural loose powders may also be used dry for a sheer wash of colour or for more subtle daytime wear.

Moisturize your face beforehand

The mineral powder adheres to the natural oil of your skin, and if your face is too dry, the powder might end up looking like just that – powder. Apply lotion and wait 10 minutes, as a face too oily would melt the make-up. Trial and error might be needed to find the perfect balance.


A good mineral foundation, in most cases, should be your concealer and foundation in one. When minerals are blasted they become magnetic. This makes it easy to build additional layers of coverage only where they are needed. To conceal under the eyes, around the mouth, nose or on a blemish, just dip a concealer brush into the powder and pat it over the discoloration or blemish. They will disappear before your eyes.

Applying finishing powders

our finishing powders are super silky and light and can be brushed on with a large fluffy brush over the top of your foundation for a lovely soft appearance. Again, as they have slow oil absorbing properties they are good eyeshadow bases and good for people with dry skin as they won’t strip your skin of moisture.


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