Make up is an efficient way to get an attractive and appealing makeover from the otherwise natural & normal looking person. It transforms the appearance and hence the personality of the person to a more charming and attractive so that one can get more attention, be more confident looking and presentable professionally.

Sensitive & delicate Skin needs care

Women are always on the lookout for the make-up products which are right for their skin type and if this skin type is sensitive i.e the skin type which doesn’t support all types of make products, then it becomes all the more difficult for her to choose the right mix of products. Delicate skins too need special care while you apply any make-up products on them and you need to avoid the items which make your skin dry, cause pain or an allergy symptoms on their application. The problem becomes more acute with the ageing as the pores of the skin less porous and delicate as one need utmost care while selecting the make products in these cases.

Powder application is best

Cosmetics in powdered form are good for skinas they not only remove the shine from the skin but also contain few preservatives and less of the things that can cause the skin discomfort and irritations. All of them, Especially the Women suffering from the sensitive pore that becomes less porous due to aging and other factors causing it to lose its liquidity and elasticity should use these types of cosmetics for maximum results

Avoid water-resistant cosmetics

You should totally avoid the cosmetics that have waterproofing chemicals or elements mixed in them as these compounds which are added in these products to prevent cleaning away of makeup by water can agitate your skin to produce the infections and other discomforts. Extra items, like makeup remover, that you will need to take off water-resistant makeup can also cause outbreaks to preexisting skin disorders.

Black color eye liners are comfortable

You should take the option for black eyeliner for the mascara instead of selecting colors like brown, azure, green or others. The reason is that the eye products that are black in color are less annoying and irritating then the other colors.

Use blusher sparingly

Blusher should be used cautiously on areas of face that are prone to high level of sensitivity and irritation. Undergo a simple test to find a look which enhances your beauty with only less quantity of eyeliner and blusher as more of them if not suitable to your skin type can cause acne or other skin disorders.

Eye shadows should be Earth color

Tan, cream, whitened or beige colored eye shadows cause less upper-eyelid discomfort in women with delicate or itchy eye. These shades are also more attractive for mature women.

Discard old cosmetics

Do not use the cosmetics after the expiry date which is always printed on the wrapper as they may cause serious harm or discomfort to your skin. Some make-up products expiry durations we are listing here for your convenience.

  • Lipstick – One year
  • Mascara – Three to Four weeks
  • Natural powder and shadows – two years

Also it is important to wash make-up paint brushes and sponges regularly, otherwise they can accumulate dust & germs on them making the skin more irritated.


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