A builder is only as good as his tools, after all.Luckily, most of those tools are available to you and me. You’d be surprised how easy it is to pull off gorgeous makeup work if you’re armed with the right gear.

Here are the makeup tools that will transform your look:


The Cult Curler



There’s nothing else like the Shu Uemura eyelashes curler – adored by makeup artists and celebrities everywhere, with good reason: “It’s the perfect size and shape for all eye tapes,” “It’ll open up your eyes immediately after use and lashes stay curled all day long.”


The Holy (Eye Brush) Grail

Makeup-Tools-that-will-transform-your-look 1


When you’re creating a smoky eye, you need the MAC 224 Brush. It’s “perfect for beginners learning how to blend eyeshadow and working it into your crease.” “The soft bristles grab just the right amount of color so you never over-apply your eye shadow. Use it after you’ve applied your shades to diffuse any lines.”


The Essential Eye Shadow Brush

Makeup Tools that will transform your look


If you struggle to create the right angle and shape when you apply eye shadow, this Laura Mercier Pony Tail Brush could be your answer. “It grabs a good amount of color but still has a light application, and the shape is perfect for creating angles on your eyelid.”


The Ultimate Lash and Brow Tool


“Every girl should have a combing and brush tool for their lashes and brows.” “Keep it on hand to brush up your brows and separate lashes that are clumped up with mascara.”

Makeup Tools that will transform your look


The Lip (and Brow!) Brush in Disguise

Makeup Tools that will transform your look


It may be pegged as a concealer brush, but the Kizmet Cosmetics brush in KS-085 is perfect for using on your lips, according to Luna. “It gives a really precise application and the synthetic, firm, small bristles allow you to reach the corners of the lips without overdrawing.” Luna also pegs this brush as dual action – it’s great for filling in brows with too.



The Cult Applicator

Makeup Tools that will transform your lookMakeup-Tools-that-will-transform-your-look 5


Every makeup artist on the planet will tell you that you need a Beauty Blender, one of the most used foundation applicators ever. “It gives a flawless finish and is so easy to use.” “It’ll cut your application time in half and is also great for applying crème blushes because it allows you to go as light or heavy and as you want, exactly where you want it.”


The Perfect Concealer Brush

Makeup Tools that will transform your lookMakeup-Tools-that-will-transform-your-look 5


The pros agree — concealer should be applied with a brush, not your fingertips. “When we apply with our fingers, we tend to wipe off more product than applied,” says makeup artist and Michelle Phillips. “It’s a must have — it helps to create even coverage and blend properly to avoid creating a heavy look.”

  1. The Best Coral Lip for Your Skin Tone

One Brush For The Whole Face

Makeup Tools that will transform your lookMakeup-Tools-that-will-transform-your-look 5


Natasha Leibel, makeup artist to celebs like Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Mariah Carey and Sarah Jessica Parker, nominates one brush to serve all of your face needs: the Burberry Kabuki Brush. “Use it for all of your powders, bronzers and highlighters to create flawless coverage.” She says.

“The bristles are soft as silk, yet dense enough to hold and move product so you get a natural effect.”


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