Mineral Makeup: Are you getting what you’re paying for?


Mineral makeup is everywhere nowadays. They are not cheap either. Makeup artists, celebrities and even dermatologist highly recommend them. Foundation, bronzers, blush, eye shadows and even lipsticks are sold as mineral makeup. The great benefit of mineral products are that they do not contain pore clogging oils. They are perfect for sensitive skin as they are much less likely to cause skin reactions than other makeups on the market. Mineral foundations even offer a small amount of sun protection since ingredients like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are natural sun blocks. (Note that you still need an actual sunscreen in addition to mineral makeup.) Zinc oxide is also anti-inflammatory which helps to reduce irritated or easily irritated skin.

With all of these benefits, how can you go wrong? Simply put, you must be read ingredient labels to ensure you’re getting what you are paying for. Many consumers might assume that mineral makeup products only contain mineral ingredients. While this was intended to be the case when mineral powders were introduced to the market in the 1970s, that is not always the case now. Be sure to check ingredient labels since not all mineral makeups are the same.

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True mineral makeup will have a very short list with ingredients like titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, mica, and iron oxides. Other ingredients, that can irritate sensitive skin types, are excluded. Some of these other ingredients are preservatives, parabens, mineral oil, chemical dyes, and fragrance. If you see a long ingredient list, then chances are it’s not a true mineral product. For example, liquid mineral products, such as a cream foundation, will contain more than just mineral ingredients since it’s simply not possible to create a liquid product with just minerals. Liquids require other ingredients mixed with the minerals. So, if you are looking for a true mineral makeup product, especially if you have sensitive skin, you may be better off sticking with loose mineral powder foundations.

What are your thoughts on mineral makeup? Have you found one that works for you?


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