Move Over Contouring. It Is Time For ‘Non-Touring’!


Gone are the days when women used to fall head over heels to get a fully contoured face with sharp cheeks and a chiseled jawline. But time has changed and so has the craze for contouring. Just take a mindful glance at the latest makeup trend and you’ll find your new go-to makeup style for this season, which is softer, more gorgeous, and absolutely achievable. We are talking about ‘non-touring’ – the ‘new contouring’ technique that teaches us to look graceful by embracing the natural curves of our face. If you are one who hates that sculpted look and are intrigued about non-touring, keep reading:


What Is Non-Touring?

Non-touring is a method of makeup application, which is closely similar to highlighting. It makes use of skin illuminating products, which attract as well as reflect light so that our skin looks super glowing and naturally healthy. The levels of radiance can be adjusted based on the choice of the person. However, as a whole, the makeup practice yields a light, fresh, and dewy finish. The significantly soft ‘non-toured’ look can be created even by an amateur to gently enhance the subtle shape of our face.

‘Non-Touring’ – Feature Highlights

According to the celebrity makeup artist Renee Sanganoo, “non-touring is kind of like Spanx for the skin. You know you’re wearing it, but no one’s supposed to see it.” Here are the goods at a glance:

  • A makeup trick to get a natural, ‘no-makeup look’
  • Does not involve the use of heavy foundation, powder, or blush
  • Gives the skin a light and breathable texture
  • Highlights the natural bone structure
  • Gives skin a soft, fresh, and dewy appearance with a healthy glow
  • A perfect sweat-proof makeup choice to wear on those hot summer days when both temperature and humidity are high
  • Simple and easy to wear, needs no special makeup skill
  • Does not consume too much time
  • Does not need high maintenance

How Is Non-Touring Different From Contouring?

Non-touring, as the name suggests, is opposite to contouring. It can also provide a ‘glowy sculpt’ look and hence, is also known as the ‘less made-up version’ of contouring. However, here is a brief comparison between the two:


  1. While contouring heavily sculpts the face by defining the bone structure artificially, non-touring skips those dramatic angles and sticks to the natural, soft and subtle look.
  2. Contouring involves over-caking the face with layers of rich makeup products while non-touring limits itself only to moisturizing and highlighting to create a fresh, dewy, and radiant appearance.
  3. Heavy contouring fails to be an everyday makeup look, especially in summer. Contrarily, non-touring is light, sweat-proof, and allows the skin to breathe, thereby making it a daily summer makeup choice.
  4. The contoured look is too exaggerated for the daytime but non-touring is quite day-friendly.
  5. Even if you become unable to master contouring, you can successfully create a non-toured look.

How to Contour Every Different Kind of Face Shape?

How To ‘Non-Tour’ Your Face?

As said before, getting the coveted non-toured look is easy. Here is a simple breakdown that can give you a stunning, no-makeup, glowing-from-within appearance without piling on heavy makeup items:

Ingredients And Tools Required:

  • Regular well-hydrating moisturizer
  • Tinted moisturizer (a little shimmery will be great) / light BB cream
  • Illuminating primer
  • Highlighter (based on the undertone of the skin)


Step By Step Application Procedure:

  1. Firstly, apply a generous amount of regular moisturizer to give your skin enough hydration. It is the basic secret to a soft, dewy skin. The more hydrated your skin is, the healthier and brighter it will appear at the end.
  2. Finish your base makeup by applying an illuminating primer. It will add a subtle natural glow to your face while minimizing large pores and improving the overall texture of the skin. It will also prep your face for the next step of the process.
  3. Now, apply a thin layer of the tinted moisturizer. It is even better to find one with a bit of shimmer in it. If you prefer BB cream over moisturizer, go for a lighter version. However, do not try non-touring with a heavy, full-coverage foundation. Also, if you have imperfections, a concealer can be used for spot treatment.
  4. Finally, apply the highlighter strategically to certain areas of your face like underneath the eyebrow bones, above the cheekbones, and in between the eyes (down the bridge of the nose), which can reflect the light and help your natural skin shine through. It is important to pick the right highlighter as it would influence your look to a great extent. A frosty pink highlighter for a lighter skin and a golden bronze one for a darker skin would look great. Also, make sure that you do not end up looking too shimmery by applying too much highlighter.

Ta-Da! You are NON-TOURED now! Don’t you love it?

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